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Ten Home Security Tips-Safety Tip Of The Week

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Here are some home security tips that will greatly improve your home security and keep your family safe.

  1. Don’t leave your garage door opener in a vehicle that is routinely parked outside your home or garage.
  2. Install deadbolts in the garage door leading to your home.
  3. Don’t hide house keys in the obvious places outside your home like under doormats or under flowerpots.
  4. Install a peephole in your front door if it is solid core door and for crying out loud use it.
  5. Don’t reflexively open your door to strangers.
  6. Practice home security procedures with your kids.
  7. Use window locks on all windows.
  8. Use external property lighting to discourage potential burglary.
  9. Don’t let strangers into use the phone.

10. Install some Fake Security Cameras. The bad guys won’t know they aren’t real. They are the cheapest and best home security you can get.

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