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Home Security: Using a Hidden Gun Safe to Protect Against Gun Accidents & Theft

Home Security: Using a Hidden Gun Safe to Protect Against Gun Accidents & Theft

A fatal gun accident, particularly when a child is involved, often makes state or national news. This gives the impression that; fatal gun accidents are more prevalent than other fatal accidents, gun accidents are increasing, and civilian gun ownership must be further restricted or regulated.

The reality does not correspond to the perception created by media coverage. Fatal gun accidents declined by almost sixty percent from 1975 to 1995, even though the number of guns per capita increased by almost forty percent.

That said, any gun accident, where someone is killed, is a tragedy. And if that someone happens to be a child or a family member, it is even more tragic.

Handgun ownership is at an all-time high. I saw a statistic recently that said there are 88.8 handguns for every 100 households-nine out of ten households has a gun.

Gun ownership in the United States is something that is so steeped in our country’s DNA that it is part of our very fabric. It is never going to change. As responsible adults, people who own guns need to take every precaution to protect those in their house, particularly the children, and those who visit the house.

The best two ways to protect your family from a tragic handgun accident at home is with a regular safe or a hidden gun safe. A regular safe can be expensive, heavy and very impractical. A hidden gun safes on the other hand is the best way in our opinion to protect your family from a handgun accident at home and to protect your handguns from theft in a home burglary as well.

It’s a proven fact that a burglar will spend no more than 5 to 10 minutes in a home looking for things that are of value and can easily be sold at a pawn shop for quick cash. Of the targets burglars look for when they burglarize a home cash is at the top of the list, jewelry and then guns. A hidden gun safe can keep your handguns safely hidden in common objects that people don’t think twice about seeing.

The first example is a book safe that can fit onto any bookshelf. Inside it is hollowed out and has a container large enough for a medium-size handgun with a locking compartment that is 3″ x 8″ x 9″ in size.

Be proactive and take some steps to avoid tragedy at your house, and protect your handguns at the same time by placing them in a hidden gun safe.

Check all of our Gun Safes to see if one of them won’t work for your family’s security.

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