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Taser Stun Devices-Little Known Facts

Here are some little-known facts about tasers. In 1969 a NASA researcher began developing the taser. The acronym stands for Thomas a Swift’s electric rifle. It originally used gunpowder as its propellant. That is that led Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to classify it as a firearm.

Since then it has become the premier nonlethal self defense weapon in the world. It is used by law enforcement agencies in at least eight different countries and by over 13,000 of them here in the United States. It shoots out two dart-like electrodes that are attached to the main unit by the electrified wire.

Civilian tasers are limited to 15 feet while law enforcement tasers have a maximum of 35 feet.

They work by incapacitating the neuro-muscular system, which means it interrupts the ability of the brain to control the muscles of the body. The electricity creates immediate and unavoidable incapacitation. It has been shown to be nearly 100% effective with more stopping power than a 9 mm handgun

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