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Tactical Flashlight Stun Guns-Protecting You Three Ways

tactical flashlight

As recently as 8 years ago, stun guns were just that, self-defense products for personal safety used to stun assailants. Now they are so much more than that and often at a cheaper price than ever before. In this article we will show you how a flashlight stun gun can protect you in at least three ways and give you other features to look for.

Stun devices have always been popular as self-defense products but with improvements in technology they can do many more things than just stun an assailant. A tactical stun flashlight is a good example.

The most obvious way a stun device can protect you is as a self-defense weapon that can disable an assailant for as long as 10 minutes by applying it to the assailant’s body. The electrical current that the probes discharge cause muscles to over work in a very rapid fashion depleting the body of all blood sugars that are needed to do anything.

Another way that a stun flashlight can protect you is by shining the light into an assailant’s eyes temporarily blinding him, giving you an excellent opportunity to apply the stun feature to further disable him.

All stun guns make an extra loud noise when activated, enough that it can potentially scare away any assailant with the sizzling, cracking sounds it makes or the sight of the sparks flying back and forth between the probes. Who would want to mess with that?

And finally as a bonus, many stun flashlights, notably ones that are called tactical flashlights, have bezels-the front of the flashlight-that have been strengthened that make for excellent striking weapons and some even may break windows in an emergency.

Other Features To Look For

  1. Look for a handle that has an etched design to enhance your grip if your hands get wet.
  2. Look for multiple safety features to prevent accidental discharge.
  3. Most stun device nowadays are rechargeable-a valuable feature to look for-making them “green” friendly.
  4. And lastly look for a product that has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, a sure sign of a quality product.

We should note that stun devices even though they are very popular, are not legal in all cities and states or foreign countries. Check with your local police department or various online resources such as our website to make sure they are legal in your area before you buy one.

Those are at least three ways a tactical stun flashlight can provide personal safety and protect you.

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