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Small Business Security: What to Look for When Buying a Commercial Safe

People have been stealing items of value from others for as long as there’s been written history. It’s just part of human nature that some people steal what others have worked hard to gain. As long as there are items of value in the world, people will be there to steal them.

In the small business world, theft is way too common. Robbery whether it’s armed or unarmed is one thing, but internal theft by an employee is another. Businesses have to be concerned about both theft and robbery.

When homeowners are buying a safe, the biggest thing they’re looking for is a fire rating. Fire doesn’t occur as often as a burglary but it destroys more homes and contents than a burglary. Business owners on the other hand, have to be concerned about both burglary and fire protection for the contents of their safes. The best way to protect cash is with a commercial safe.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what makes a good safe for a business.

1. You may want to look at getting a safe that has a separate lockable cash drawer or lockable secure place to keep cash that is inside the safe but separate from the other contents. This makes it doubly difficult for even a professional to get at your cash.

2. The safe should have pre-drilled mounting holes so that it can be secured to a floor or a wall depending on the variety that you have. Most commercial safes are pretty heavy, but you don’t want somebody walking off with your safe.

3. It should have a fire rating of at least two hours. The longer the fire rating, the more expensive the safe.

4. It should have a mechanical or electronic combination lock with a minimum of three numbers, letters or symbols.

5. This lock should be protected with a case hardened drill resistant steel plate.

6. The inside door of the safe should have three steel locking bolts that open up into the inside of the safe so they cannot be accessed from the outside.

7. The outside walls of the safe should have a heavy-duty thick steel construction.

8. The outside door hinges should be protected to prevent removal of the door. In many instances in the old days it was easier to remove the door than it was to break into the safe. Some ways to protect the hinges are active or inactive locking bolts, dead bars and hinges that are not exposed to the outside.

Those are some of the things you should be looking for when you’re considering buying a commercial safe for your small business to protect cash.

An In Floor Safe is the most common type for most businesses.

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