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Self-Defense – Why Stun Devices Don’t Always Work

Tasers are a special form of stun device that are used by nearly 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States and in several foreign countries. They are the premier nonlethal self-defense weapon in the world. In this article we are not talking about tasers, we’re talking about regular hand-held self-defense items that have two or more prongs on one end and conduct an electrical charge when applied to the assailant. They are especially popular for female self-defense, personal safety and personal protection

Every statistic that I have ever seen on stun devices, with the exception of tasers, claims that stun weapons are on average 80 to 85% effective. Here are some of the reasons why stun devices don’t always work. I firmly believe that the more information you have about a product, even if it’s a shortcoming, is helpful.

First of all know that stun devices are not legal in all states. Many outlaw them but then say that you can carry a handgun-go figure!

Secondly, stun devices do not work on people who are on drugs or are drunk on alcohol. We are not sure why this is the case but it is almost universally true. They are ineffective on people who are wiped out. Many assailants have been drinking or have been on drugs so this warning should be heeded.

The third reason why they may not work on people all the time is that they are not applied long enough. To be effective, they need to be applied to an assailant for a minimum of 3 to 5 seconds. The more powerful the stun device is, the less time that’s needed for it to be effective.

And a fourth reason that they may not work on an assailant is that they are applied in the wrong location. The best locations for maximum effectiveness are where the six main nerve centers are located. If it touches another part of the body it will only sting and not immobilze.

So while 80 to 85% is a high percentage it may not be enough to satisfy your need for complete self-defense. Tasers are as close to a sure thing in a nonlethal self-defense weapon as anything available with a close to 100 % takedown rate. They are anywhere from 20 to 40 times more expensive than the least expensive stun weapon. So what is your life worth? Only you can decide.

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