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Shrinking Police Forces, Public Safety, and Self-Defense Products

There have been a lot of stories lately about crime in Chicago and Oakland, California. Some people in those cities blame the increase in crime on shrinking police forces due to budget cutbacks. There is no doubt that gangs, in particular, take advantage of the fact that police cannot respond to a crime as quickly as they used to when they were fully staffed.

Our fear is that those days are gone forever. The only way to get them back is to authorize more funding for new hires in the police department. Sheriff Terry Maketa lobbied with the city Council in Colorado Springs for more money for months with no luck. Finally he got a ballot issue approved, and something like that just happened recently in the El Paso County Sheriff’s office in Colorado Springs, a voter approved tax increase will pump $17 million additional into the sheriff’s budget.

Not only is public safety at risk when staffing is down but morale suffers and officer safety becomes an issue. The vote that happened last November showed a pretty substantial percentage of voters in favor (64%) of a small tax increase that will last 8 years.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke Junior takes a completely different approach. He says quite candidly that he needs private citizens to fend for themselves. He is openly encouraging private citizens to defend themselves by taking a certified safety course in handling a firearm until law enforcement officials can get on the scene.

He also said that while self-defense isn’t for everyone, some people see personal safety as their own responsibility and they should be trained properly. “People are responsible to play a role in their own safety with the help of law enforcement. I’m here to do my part but we have fewer and fewer resources. We are not omni-present; we have to stop giving people this impression.”

This has been no secret for homeowners and people concerned about their self-defense that they need to take the burden of responsibility for their safety into their own hands. Home security products and self-defense products such as stun devices and pepper sprays are a big help. If you are assaulted by someone, anyone, a self-defense device can give you enough time to escape that dangerous situation and call police.

In the case of a home burglary a burglar alarm in the form of a window or door alarm can scare away a burglar and alert your neighbors if you’re not home, to trouble in your house.

Your personal safety and personal protection and that of your family are at risk because of shrinking resources in the police department. Law abiding citizens have a right and a duty to learn how to protect themselves. Self-defense products provide a nonlethal alternative to the deadly force of a handgun and are preferred by millions.

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