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Self Defense: Streetwise Pepper Sprays Brand Overview

Back in 1990 a man by the name of Ray Gilbarte started selling pepper sprays from the trunk of his car to merchants in eastern North Carolina. That was actually the humble beginnings of what is now one of the premier manufacturers of self-defense products in the world. Streetwise stun guns and pepper sprays are manufactured right here in the United States by Cutting-Edge Products.

They have become one of the most widely used and popular among all self-defense product manufacturers because they are high-quality, provide great value for the money and are an industry leader in innovative ideas for self-defense products.

Their pepper sprays are a good example of that. They manufacture what could be one of the biggest assortments of defensive sprays in the country. They have products that start from 1/2 ounce and gradually increase up to a 1 pound fogger used for crowd control.

Their prices range from $4.95 for a three-quarter ounce spray that just happens to be the biggest selling defensive spray in the country to $39.95 for a 1 pound fogger.

They produce products that have several different methods of disbursement. The most popular is the spray, but they produce a fog and foam as well. They have both soft case and hard case keychain sprays. Their soft case sprays come in six different colors. The hard case sprays have a great color assortment too.

There is a lot of misleading information about the comparative hotness of pepper sprays. Generally that hotness determines how effective it is. Streetwise uses a rating system called certified heat rating or CHR that measures “how hot the pepper spray is at the point of impact on an attacker. The results are certified by the same laboratory, Chrometec LLC, that has been used by the government for over 40 years.”

Their Streetwise 18 are approximately 46% hotter than competing brands and their Streetwise 23 brands are approximately 87% hotter with the same level of Scoville heat units-another common measurement of hotness.

They only have two defensive sprays that are disguised. One is disguised as a heart-shaped perfume bottle that comes in purple, pink and black. The other looks just like a pen.

When you’re looking for a defensive spray for your home, personal safety and protection or for that of your wife or girlfriend for her self-defense, you need to look no further than Streetwise. They provide excellent value for the money, a great assortment, quality products and a high pedigree because they are used by several law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

This Streetwise Keychain Defensive Spray is the best selling of all their products.

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