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How to Prevent Dog Attacks and Defending Against Them

An article that was in a national magazine said that close to $480 million was paid out in claims in 2011, up from $413 million in 2010. It also mentioned that there are close to 5 million people bitten every year with over half of the victims being children.

There was a commercial on TV recently by a major insurance carrier that said that one out of every three homeowner claims was the result of a dog bite.

As is the case of a lot of things, California leads the way with the most claims. The number of claims and the amount paid for them is up from 2010.

How To Avoid Dog Attacks

Some things that you can teach your children to help avoid dog attacks are: never stare at a dog; don’t tease a dog; never pet a dog while it is eating, and never try to touch an unleashed dog. And if you think you can outrun a dog, forget it.

Many dog attacks and dog bites happen to adults especially when they’re out trying to get some exercise walking, jogging or cycling. If a dog happens to see an adult running or cycling by, many of them give chase. If you’ve ever had a snarling and growling dog chasing after you, you know how terrifying it can be.

The next biggest group of people getting bitten by dogs is seniors perhaps because many of them choose to exercise outdoors. And the third biggest group of people getting bitten by dogs is letter carriers. Stories of dogs attacking them are legendary but true.

The United States Postal Service has issued pepper sprays to all their letter carriers. Mike, our letter carrier, has one but as we found out recently it was outdated. I urged him to get a new one and he did.

Some of the best defenses you can have against dog attacks are with a pepper gun from Mace brand. The reason that is the preferred self-defense product against dog bites and dog attacks is that it has a range of up to 25 feet-perhaps the longest of any self-defense product in the country. Then there’s the world-famous ultrasonic device that sends out an ear-piercing sound that only dogs can hear. It repels them very effectively

Those are some tips to avoid dog attacks in the first place and some ways to defend yourself if you are already under attack. Trust me you don’t want to get bitten by an angry, growling dog.

The Mace Pepper Gun shoots out to 25 feet away and is great for dog attack defense.

Our Ultrasonic Dog Repeller with strobe light is an effective way to defend against dog attacks.

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