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Self Defense: Most Popular Flashlight Stun Gun Models


Americans understand the value of technology, especially when it comes to self-defense. This is especially true for the American military, which has long been one of the strongest throughout the world. The benefit of having such a strong defense force is that the American military is regularly pushing the expectations of self-defense technology, creating new and versatile solutions to modern defense problems.

While many know about this through the transfer of military technology to local police forces, a wealth of this self-defense technology has begun making its way into the hands of American citizens. From stun batons to high-grade pepper spray, ballistic bulletproof inserts to non-lethal, incapacitating tasers, citizens throughout the U.S. have better means to protect themselves than they ever have in the past.

A popular self-defense tool that has risen in popularity over the last decade is the flashlight stun gun. While there are thousands of different types of stun guns available within the marketplace, flashlight stun devices have earned their popularity thanks to the versatility they offer.

Sometimes referred to as tactical flashlights, stun gun flashlights are perfect for everyday self-defense for a few reasons: Packaged in what looks like an everyday flashlight, unsuspecting assailants won’t realize that it is actually a powerful stun gun that can be readily used to incapacitate them; they work just as well as a high-powered flashlight, allowing users to employ it as an emergency lighting tool as needed, whether needed in the office, at home, or to shine a light on a suspicious person.

For their easily activated features and inconspicuous packaging, stun gun flashlights are effective tools for both personal security and defense. Like old-fashioned stun guns, there are countless models available on the market, so it can be difficult to determine which is perfect for your self-defense needs. To simplify the process, here are three of the most popular tactical flashlights available, and why each is a notable self-defense item.

Diablo Flashlight and Stun Device

The most popular flashlight stun gun model at Home Security Superstore, this device is designed to provide all-around protection under any condition. At 6.75 inches in length, this stun device is made to be carried without bringing attention to yourself. All components are housed within a shock-proof aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body that features a rechargeable battery, a lightbulb good up to one-hundred-thousand hours, an enhanced reflector system for optimal brightness, and an anti-roll body for stability.

Most importantly, this device can emit 4.5 million volts of brain-confusing, body-disorienting electricity and 160 lumen light—which is enough to scare off an attacker or briefly blind an aggressor, so you can make an easy escape. 

electric shock personal protection

Security Guard Stun Gun Flashlight

Created and designed for ease of use by security guards around the globe, the Security Guard Stun Gun Flashlight is sure to protect you against any scenario. At 11 inches and 20 ounces, this is a weighty tactical flashlight made to scare off potential aggressors—it does come with a durable nylon holster and a belt loop to allow for easy, visible carrying, though. And, even when carried in hand, its coating of rubberized armor both protects the device and makes it easy to carry, even with its weight.

The pure power of this device is shown by how reactive it is under pressure: six million volts of pure power can be discharged with ease, while the rechargeable LED flashlight feature makes it the perfect device to illuminate ne’er-do-wells. Additionally, the device features an ear-piercing alarm that can effectively scare off potential attackers when paired with both the bright LED flashlight and the loud crackling of the engaged stun gun pins.  

Expandable Stun Baton

Manufactured by the popular Streetwise brand, this popular stun gun flashlight device is designed for intimidation. With the ability to extend from an easy-to-store 12 ½ inches to 21 ¼ inches, this device offers numerous forms of protection, including an increased range of protection, a loud 130 dB alarm, and a super-bright LED flashlight. With a lifetime warranty, you don’t have to worry about using this device to its maximum potential while defending yourself against an attacker.

stun gun

At Home Security Superstore, we’re committed to providing customers with self-defense products of the highest quality. See for yourself why we recommend these products. These multifaceted tactical flashlights are sure to offer you the protection you need under any scenario.

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