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Preventing Sexual Assault on Campus: Safety Tips and Self-Defense Products

With colleges and universities starting up all over the country an article about facts on preventing sexual assault on campus caught my attention. If nothing else it is timely even though the statistics are nothing new.

What is new is a new way of looking at it. College freshmen are 17, 18 maybe even 19 years old but are unfamiliar with the ways of the world, especially when it comes to alcohol and alcohol abuse. Unfortunately alcohol is a key part of the college life. Many older college men use alcohol as a way to uninhibited young college female freshmen. If alcohol isn’t enough then date rape drugs are readily available.

The statistics that are nothing new show that “one in four college-age women has experienced rape or attempted rape” and even more scary is that “95% of the attacks go unreported which makes sexual assault the most drastically under reported crime in the nation.” Is it really a problem? You can decide!

Colleges and universities go to great lengths to downplay or even hide these statistics. They certainly don’t want mom and dad worrying about their little girl going off to college. In a recent famous case it was discovered that a major university athletic official committed several sexual acts that were required to be reported. But for one reason or another, the University did not report them.

The article I’m referring to came up with several safety tips on preventing sexual assaults or rapes.

Be aware of your surroundings. Nearly 3/4 of all rapes are planned in advance. So beware of who you’re with and where you are.

Trust your instincts. Women are blessed with that unexplainable feeling. When the hair in the back your neck stands up, react and react quickly.

Avoid secluded or unlit areas. That includes parking lots and garages. Even dorm stairwells at night can be dangerous places.

Use the buddy system. When you’re attending a party or going anywhere, always have a friend with you. Assailants will pick on one person but are unlikely to attack two or more people together.

Vary your routine. Since so many rapes are planned in advance, change your routine so you don’t go the same way all the time.

Don’t leave drinks unattended. Date rape drugs are as common as aspirin.

Don’t be pressured to drink or to get drunk. 75% of the time the victim or offender or both have consumed alcohol.

Keep your dorm room or apartment locked at all times-even when you’re there.

And for crying out loud don’t leave a spare key underneath the doormat. Everyone in the world knows that trick.

Always carry a self-defense product with you. A Keychain Pepper Spray may be your best bet because you always have your keys with you.

Follow these safety tips for a safer college experience.

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