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Outrageous Exploits Of Dumb Crooks

Outrageous Exploits Of Dumb Crooks

In the last several months we have written four articles about the exploits of criminals whose elevator didn’t go all the way to the top floor. It seems there is no end to the stupidity of these guys (and gals). In today’s article we will highlight some more outrageous exploits of these dumb criminals. We hope that you find them entertaining. Read on to learn more.

Our first article about dumb criminals was called ‘Are These The Dumbest Criminals?’ and we really thought at the time that they were the dumbest, but no, these crooks out do them.

But we did a couple more articles after that which seemed to top the list. Then came along our story ‘Seven Crooks Who Need The Burglary 101 Refresher Course’ where each new segment seemed to be more ludicrous than the last.

In today’s article there are some real doozies that made us laugh and hopefully give you a good raucous laugh as well.

The first example comes to you from Oakland Park, Florida where two burglars were seen driving around the neighborhood for over a half-hour before picking on one home to burglarize. One of the burglars is seen staring directly into the security camera, as if to say ‘Make Sure You Get My Good Side’. They were later caught by police thanks to the burglar’s image as so clearly shown on video. Moral of this story if you are a burglar and see a security camera, don’t stare at it. You will end up in jail.

In another example, three Missouri teens broke into a home and stole cash, jewelry and electronics as well as prescription drugs. They also stole a container which they thought was cocaine. As they were driving away, one of the teenagers discovered that the substance was Cremated Remains-Not Cocaine. Teenagers don’t have enough experience to be accomplished burglars. There should be a minimum age of 21.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma a woman called police after she walked into her garage and found a Nude Man Burglar. When police responded to her call they set up a perimeter around the house to catch the man. He was able to elude police for a short time wearing only cowboy boots. He should have been arrested for stupidity but was charged with first-degree burglary, outraging public decency and resisting arrest. If you ever see a man running down the street wearing cowboy boots and nothing else he may be a burglary suspect. Ordinarily we would say take note of what he’s wearing, but in this case you make note of the fact that he isn’t wearing anything. Nobody will have trouble identifying him.

In Columbus Ohio one family is asking for help in finding a stolen dog that they believe was taken by crooks who stole items from their home. The thieves took thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry, according to the family but it is the dog that is drawing the most attention and may be the downfall of the burglars. Why would burglars steal a dog? Not too smart in our opinion!

In the Houston, Texas area a teenage boy was charged with third-degree felony burglary after he was found Sleeping On The Job inside a home that he had illegally entered. He is currently being held on a $15,000 bail. We know how tough it is to be a burglar, but for gosh sakes sleep somewhere else. Why is it that so many burglars are caught in the house asleep? Is it that taxing a physical chore?

And in Tulsa, Oklahoma recently a resident called police about a pickup truck that was parked in front of his residence. He told police that it matched the description of the vehicle that was involved in a burglary the previous day. When police got there they found the suspect Asleep At the Wheel. Officers did a background check and discovered a lengthy history involving burglaries. In the bed of his pickup truck were storage containers from the victim’s house along with a shotgun and several burglary tools. Why would a burglar park in front of the victim’s house the following day, with stolen property in his vehicle? Is that dumb or what?

Many burglars are on the lookout for surveillance/security cameras but would have absolutely no idea that their image is being recorded by this Xtreme life covert spy camera that looks just like an Outdoor Night Vision Spy CamIt is a fake junction box with a battery-operated Xtreme Life pinhole camera and long lasting battery operated DVR inside. The camera can operate eight hours continuously or 30 days on standby. It records on a motion activated basis so there is no dead time interviewing recordings. It uses no wires and is a completely waterproof system that can be mounted anywhere for long-term outdoor use.

Bolster the security of your home with surveillance cameras, whether they are covert or not. Law enforcement officers tell us that if you have an image of a burglar who has broken into your house, the chances of catching him improve by 50% plus you stand a much better chance of getting your stolen property back.

An image of a burglar posted on various social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter by you and/or the law enforcement agency covering your burglary is an excellent way to boost your chances of catching the bad guys. That is the new wave in policing especially for home burglaries and has been proven to be highly effective across the country.

Do you have surveillance/security cameras around your home or apartment? Seen any dumb criminals lately?

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