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Most Popular Self-Defense Products for Women

It is no secret that women are the subject of violence nine times more often than men any police blotter in the country can verify that. Don’t take our word for it, as a result of that fact, women buy more self-defense products than men by approximately that same margin. When men buy them it is for their personal security and personal safety and for that of their female loved ones-for their female self-defense.

Self-defense items are nonlethal by definition and are an effective way to provide temporary relief from an attack. Temporary relief is provided in a variety of ways. For stun guns it is disabling an attacker for 5 to 10 minutes by short-circuiting his muscular system-depleting all blood sugars in his body. For pepper sprays it is by causing temporary blindness, shortness of breath and extreme pain for as long as 45 minutes.

This period of temporary relief gives you time to get away and seek help or just get away.

Here are some of the most popular self-defense products for women. They provide personal safety and personal security and female self-defense for you and/or the women in your life.

Many women prefer pepper sprays-probably because they are so inexpensive, easy to carry and legal in just about all jurisdictions. Pepper sprays use oleoresin capsicum as the main ingredient but some pepper sprays have a UV marking dye and a component of military grade tear gas. As noted above, they can be a devastating self-defense item when it is sprayed in the face.

Stun devices are second on the list of popularity for female self-defense. They are small handheld objects with two or more prongs on one end that provide electrical shock that can disable an assailant for 5 to 10 minutes.

Both pepper sprays and stun devices come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some are even disguised as other products which many women find helpful for their personal security and personal safety.

Third on the list is a personal alarm, a.k.a. a panic alarm. These are small handheld items that almost always have a keychain attachment so they can go with you wherever you are. They send out a powerful, shrieking sound that is loud enough to be heard from as far as a quarter of a mile away.

Don’t let costs stand in the way of your personal safety and personal security. There are many female self-defense products available for less than $15 or $20. Isn’t your personal protection worth that?

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