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How To Prevent A Shoplifting Incident

How To Prevent A Shoplifting Incident

When you have a retail space, the unfortunate truth is that shoplifting will always be a threat. While you may not be able to curb the crime entirely, you can stave off some shoplifting with the right security measures. Cameras (even fake ones) are one of the best tools for loss prevention. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular security equipment for preventing a shoplifting incident. 

Cameras and Surveillance as a Deterrent

A hidden surveillance camera can help you catch perpetrators and figure out exactly how something went missing. Hidden cameras can be placed almost anywhere and stream the footage over Wi-Fi. On the other hand, a camera that shoppers can see may serve as a better deterrent in some cases. The belief a camera is watching could single-handedly stop a shoplifter from trying to take your merchandise. Stickers announcing that CCTV systems are operating on site are also effective shoplifting deterrents. 

Security cameras stream footage to screens on site, and some will also send the footage to a mobile device via an app. This way, if your employee calls with concerns about a possible shoplifting scheme, you can personally check the video right away. 

Alarm Systems to Avoid Theft

In addition to surveillance equipment, an alarm system is a powerful deterrent to theft. Install door alarms on all employee-only areas of your business, and consider locking up the most valuable merchandise with an alarm that goes off if the glass on the case gets broken. Other locks measure the vibration of a door and will alert if someone tries to sneak out a back door where they shouldn’t be or get into your office. 

Even fake security systems may persuade someone that an attempt at theft is not worth it. Put up “Smile, You’re On Camera” stickers to advise people that they shouldn’t try to steal from your store. Whether or not you can back up your claim, the stickers will create paranoia about getting caught in your would-be thief.  

Choosing the Right Security Equipment

So, how do you decide which shoplifting deterrents make the most sense for your business? Here are some things to take into consideration as you select the best security products:

  • Big spaces: If you have a large floor plan that employees can’t possibly monitor without help, a CCTV system with multiple cameras is a good option. You can catch every corner of your business on tape so you don’t miss a thing. Visible cameras that can rotate will let someone know when you’re monitoring their activity. 

  • Small budgets: When you’re working with a small budget, start with fake cameras and CCTV stickers. These items are often under $20 and can still help you avoid shoplifting while you save up for more robust security measures. 

  • Electronics and jewelryIf you’re selling high-value items like video game consoles or earrings, you should invest in a few window alarms for your glass cases. The alarms will alert you when the case is opened by an unauthorized person or if the glass shatters. 

Are you ready to improve the security in your business to prevent shoplifting incidents? You can add meaningful changes to your space for under $100, or invest more in a real security system to watch every corner of your store around the clock. From a wireless alarm system to a fake security camera, The Home Security Superstore has something that will work for your budget and needs. 

Still, have questions about how to best outfit your business to avoid shoplifting losses? Contact us today to ask us about which products are right for you. 

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