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Home Security-Outdoor Spy Cameras Can Protect Your Home From Vandalism

Almost every town or city in the United States has areas where vandalism is higher than the rest of the town. Vandalism is not just a rite of passage for teenagers and gang members but destroys property and devalues home prices.

The problem with vandalism is usually nobody ever gets caught. The crime is committed at night usually and by the time the crime is discovered and reported to police the perpetrators are long gone.

The Outdoor Home Spy Camera With DVR can catch vandals red-handed and provides enough documentation for police to pursue the case and catch the perpetrator.

This camera not only takes audio and video but it can take still pictures as well. It is an eight-megapixel camera with very high resolution and has a 16 MB internal memory to record images. It is weatherproof and can be mounted easily outdoors.

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