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How to Choose a Great Self Defense Product

thief at night lurking in the shadows

Life can become a routine without realizing it. You wake up, shower, head to work, grab lunch, return to work, and head home. There are numerous other activities in there that can add to the routine, whether heading to the gym or walking your dog, but our days can become cyclical quite easily. In some cases, life provides little to no hiccups—we are able to go about our days undisturbed, yet there are other times when life catches us by surprise. One such instance is when you become a target of violent assault.

Many people are unaware prior to being assaulted. There might be warning signs, but they can be difficult to discern, especially at the moment. Instances such as these are cause for concern, as no one wants their safety to be infringed upon. And, sometimes, these crimes can fly under the radar, going unreported and unsolved, leaving you feeling more nervous about your safety than ever before.

While you can’t remain aware at all times, there are ways you can remain more aware, ensuring your safety against potential assaults. One of the most significant ways to stay safe is to carry a self-defense weapon on you at all times. This advice—carry a self-defense weapon—sounds easy enough, but it leaves many different questions, such as, “What self-defense weapon is right for me?”

Many factors are involved when choosing the right self-defense product for you. These involve how much you can comfortably spend on such a product and what type of product you’d like to carry. Since there are many other factors to take into consideration, we developed a set of guidelines to help people determine which self-defense product might be best for their personal safety and security.


Just as all products are not made the same, not all products are legal. State laws dictate the local legality of certain self-defense products, and you should be aware of the law.

Stun guns are prohibited in Hawaii and Rhode Island, while they require a concealed carry permit for Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Pepper sprays have restrictions in some cities and states, based on the amount of oleoresin capsicum—the key defense ingredient—it contains. Furthermore, variations of weapons might be legal in some states while others are not—e.g., stun guns are legal in California while baton stun guns are not. Before you purchase an item, you should check on your regional and state laws to ensure you are allowed to carry a self-defense product.


Not every product is the same, and neither is every distributor. The distributor of your product should be able to answer any questions you have, and they should be able to point you in the right direction if you are unaware of the product you’re looking for. Furthermore, they should have a notable selection of products to choose from, all of which are provided by reliable companies with positive reputations.

Moreover, look for distributors that put customer service above all else. This includes a responsive team able to answer your questions, easy-to-submit returns, and a commitment to providing safe, reliable, and knowledgeable service like at The Home Security Superstore.


While there are many different self-defense products to choose from, not every item will work for you. What scenario do you expect yourself to be in where a self-defense weapon will be needed? Do you need to keep your distance? If so, you might want pepper spray. Do you expect to be approached in close quarters? A stun gun baton or handheld taser might be the best way to incapacitate an attacker.

pepper spray

Once you have identified what you need, you’ll need to move on to deciding what level of protection you need. Most products have a great selection to choose from, so you’ll need to work through singling out the right one for you.


Last of all, you’ll need to determine how much you’re willing to spend on a self-defense product. While self-safety and security are more important than financial health, you don’t have to buy the most expensive product. Find one that fits your budget and make it work for you.

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You should never feel scared in the event of a violent assault. At Home Security Superstore, we’re committed to ensuring you have access to self-defense products that can keep you safe against aggressors. Carry a self-defense weapon on you to guarantee you’re never alone.

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