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Home Security – Xtreme Life Hidden Cameras Review

If you ask a homeowner, especially a new homeowner who is cash strapped, they will probably tell you that home security is at the bottom of the list of their priorities. That is one of the reasons why burglars target recently sold homes at the top of their list. They know that most new homeowners are so excited about their new home that they don’t think about how to protect it.

When one out of every six homes is a victim of home burglary on an annual basis, homeowners may want to rethink their priorities.

One good way that homeowners can protect their homes is with a security camera. The problem with most wireless security cameras is that they have a very limited recording life of perhaps four hours at the very most.

That’s where SleuthGear brand came up with Xtreme Life hidden spy cameras. The term “Xtreme Life” refers to the life of the battery which can be one year in standby mode. The battery is rechargeable and can record up to 20 continuous hours. With the motion activation feature it could record literally for days depending on the amount of activity.

Here is some great information on four Xtreme Life outdoor hidden cameras that are great for home security. They can be used for monitoring remote areas such as warehouses, livestock or crops, yards and much more.

The spy camera itself has three recording modes; motion activated, overwrite and standard. The camera lens is sensitive enough that it can record with minimal ambient light. Because it is a wireless battery-operated camera it can run in an area where there is no electricity or where running wires isn’t possible. This feature gives you unmatched capabilities in the hidden spy camera industry.

There is a wireless remote control that can help set up and control camera functions. These four cameras are all waterproof for long-term outdoor use. They each have a frame counter for easy video retrieval.

The four Xtreme Life models that have the capabilities described above are the Electrical Box Camera, the landscape stone hidden spy camera that can fit into any home or outdoor situation, the wall clock spy camera and the black box hidden spy camera.

The wall clock spy camera is a nice looking wall clock that can fit into any location where a wall clock would look normal. The black box spy camera is exactly what you think- a simple-looking black box- and because it is so nondescript it can fit into any location.

For help in establishing the perfect viewing angle we suggest the M 100 monitor that is available as an accessory.

That’s a review of four outdoor hidden cameras that can be used for home security and business security for that matter that have the Xtreme Life battery capability.

There is a hidden spy camera that looks just like a Landscape Stone so it can be used outdoors easily.

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