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Home Security Tricks That Work

Nearly 80,000,000 people own their own homes, which is part of the reason why the home security business is such a big enterprise-rapidly approaching $2 billion a year in sales. The other part of the equation is that so many people all owning their own homes, the value of goods inside the homes is astronomical. As such, it presents a target of opportunity to lowlife burglars, most of whom are first or second-time offenders.

There are so many home security systems and home security products in the marketplace today that homeowners can certainly find something that will protect their homes. But most of them are not inexpensive. In this article, we will show you some home security tricks that actually work and have a track record to prove it. Many of them are free or at very low cost compared to other alternatives and they are just as effective.

Burglars look for vulnerabilities in potential targets-an open door or window, hiding places near lower-level windows, signs around the neighborhood and at the location of potential targets. If he sees any Security System Sign in place, a guard dog on the property or a neighborhood watch program that may be in effect, it may not stop him altogether, but it will certainly give him cause to think again before he burglarizes your house.

Or if you don’t want to spend the money, make your own sign that warns of a security system in place or a guard dog inside the house. Another alternative is to get some Fake Security Cameras to place around your house.

Close to 60% of all burglaries occur through unsecured doors or windows. So the first trick is to keep all your doors and windows locked even when you’re home. The first thing a burglar does when he approaches a home is knock on the front door to see if anybody answers. He then tries the doorknob to see if it’s locked. Then he goes to the back door and tries the same thing. Chances are pretty good one of the two doors will be unlocked, and if no one answers the door, he knows no one’s home.

In this process, if he hears a barking dog, he knows enough to stay away. Burglars don’t like dogs for the obvious reason. That is one reason why this Barking Dog Alarm is so effective. If it senses movement within 20 feet of its location, the sound of a barking, growling dog begins.

Start protecting your home today with these home security tricks that work.

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