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Home Security Tips Revisited

Home Security Tips Revisited

Crime Stoppers USA is the national Crime Stoppers organization that spans the United States to create a network of local programs that work together to prevent and solve crimes in communities and schools across the nation. With over 1 million cases cleared, it is an excellent tool for police to use to solve crimes.

I was unaware that crime stoppers was in other countries. For example, Crimestoppers In The UK is advising homeowners that there are a number of measures that they can follow to keep their home safe and protect themselves against burglars.

Today we will give you some home security tips that you may have seen before. They are worth a second look.

  • Ensuring all entry points on your home have locks.
  • When you leave your property no matter for how long, make sure those entry points are locked. And lock them when you go to bed at night.
  • Don’t leave your keys within easy reach of the front door.
  • Think about other security measures such as a burglar alarm or security lights. Some of them may even decrease your insurance payments.
  • When going on vacation use timers on lights and radios to give the impression that someone is still in the property. Give it that “lived in” look.
  • And finally make sure you know who is at your door before you open it. Ask for identification.

An article that has 5 home security tips you cannot ignore.

The first one is to advertise your alarm. They make the point that an alarm system is supposed to deter burglars and you do that by “advertising” that you have an alarm system. Use the stickers and signs that came with your alarm system. Place them in locations where potential burglars can see them. They may make the burglar think twice about attempting a break-in. If you don’t have an alarm system, consider getting a fake security sign for your front yard or even a “beware of dog” sign might work wonders.

Having good lighting can be a major deterrent for burglars. Having a light at your front door is almost a necessity. When possible put your lights on a timer. That makes it much more difficult for burglars to be able to determine whether you’re home or not. Motion activated lights are a homeowner’s best friend.

Don’t hide your keys under your front door mat or anywhere else for that matter. If necessary give a spare key to your neighbor.

Protect all entry points into your home by keeping them locked and clear of all shrubbery so they can’t be used as hiding places. Furthermore, protect all entry points with alarms. Window and door alarms are inexpensive and very effective.

Don’t advertise that you are leaving or are gone. Social media can be a big temptation for homeowners to brag about their vacation. Burglars can read too. Stop mail delivery so there’s no overflow in your mailbox and the same goes for your newspaper.

Another good tip is that all police departments will give you a free home security survey depending on manpower and time availability. It is one of the best things that you can do to improve your home security. Follow these tips and you will have a much more secure home

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What secrets can you share with our readers? Don’t be shy, chime in with your thoughts!

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