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Three Xtreme Life Models Of Outdoor Hidden Security Cameras

One of the major drawbacks of wireless cameras is that they require power; and even though they have rechargeable batteries, which helps save money, the charge on the batteries usually lasts 2 or 3 maybe 4 or 5 hours at the most. For many that has always been a major negative to having a wireless security camera.

And as such that’s a drawback for home security too. Wireless cameras are extremely effective as security cameras when it comes to home security with the exception of that one drawback. The new “Xtreme Life” models of cameras have rechargeable batteries that will last up to one year in standby mode. When there’s motion in front of the camera they switch to standard mode and can record for up to 20 continuous hours as long as the action continues.

This gives users who could be homeowners or business owners unparalleled capability in terms of protecting their property or their business from vandals or burglars. You can basically set the camera up wherever you want without regard to power availability or wiring concerns. You can use the wireless remote control to set the camera up to record.

Here are three new models of outdoor security cameras that have that “Xtreme Life” capability. They are each weather-resistant so they can be used outdoors and require minimal lighting to record. They all use the 3.7 volt lithium battery that is rechargeable. The video has a frame counter stamp so it can be easily identified and retrieved. For help in setting up the perfect viewing and recording angle you can use the M 100 test monitor that is available as an accessory.

The first is a security camera that looks like a wall clock and is water-resistant and can be used outdoors. It comes with a 2 GB SD card as standard but you can upgrade it to a 16 GB card for more storage capability.

Xtreme Life Spy Cameras offer a landscape Stone Security Camera that is, as the name implies, a stone that can be used outdoors in any weather. It comes with two sets of RCA cables to assist with downloading data.

And the third hidden spy camera that’s wireless is the electrical box hidden spy camera that is the perfect tool for any outdoor application or for a warehouse or storage facility where you need to keep an eye on what’s going on when you can’t be there.

Those are three new models of wireless hidden cameras that can be used for security cameras to improve your home security.

We have over 100 Spy Cameras to choose from with many styles and capabilities. One of them may be just what you are looking for.

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