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Home Security – Four Of The Best Covert Security Cameras For Your Home and Business

Home hidden cameras are everyday items so common that you think nothing of seeing them around your home of business. They are common utilitarian products that are frequently working items with a hidden camera and sometimes a microphone and DVR inside them.

They are used to catch people doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. For example; a spouse cheating on another spouse, a nanny or babysitter abusing a child or stealing from the house where they are working, or in the case of a business an employee who is stealing from the business. Hidden cameras can provide visual and sometimes audio documentation of the wrongdoing which further enhances the likelihood of success in a lawsuit.

They were originally intended for government agencies like the FBI, CIA and others. But because of advances in technology they are so easy-to-use that anybody can use them now.

Here are four examples of home hidden cameras.

The first is the night owl iPod dock DVR spy camera. It is a functional iPod dock with an infrared camera that can see 20 to 30 feet in total darkness. You can play music from your favorite iPod and record what the camera sees on a DVR that uses a 2 GB ST card to record the action.

The second nanny camera is called the recluse black box spy camera. It can go literally anywhere and record anything without attracting any attention because it is in a completely nondescript black box. It is perfect for those situations where there is no power or you cannot run wires. The battery can last up to one year on standby mode and can record up to 20 hours of continuous video in standard mode using a rechargeable battery. You can record in almost complete darkness requiring just enough moonlight on a clear night. This spy camera, because it is so discreet, can be used in a home or business setting.

The third one is a floor model air purifier DVR spy camera which is a real working air purifier that can fit into a home or business situation. It has infrared remote control operation and features continuous motion or scheduled recording modes. Video is date/time stamped for easy identification. This product uses Zone Shield which is proprietary software that enhances the security of the video. It can handle a 32 GB SD card. It comes with a 2 GB card.

The last one is the AC Adapter Camera DVR. This requires no batteries because it plugs right into a standard wall outlet. When you’re done recording, simply plug it into your TV or monitor for video playback. It has a 4.3 mm focal lens and a 78-degree viewing angle which will cover most standard size rooms.

These are four new home hidden cameras that can be used for nanny cameras or business security cameras.

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