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Home Security – List of Three Effective Motion Activated Alarms

Home burglary continues to be a very popular crime mostly because it so lucrative. A burglar working by himself can make several thousand dollars in a good morning. Not bad for a crook! And the chances of him getting caught are pretty slim unfortunately.

And homeowners make it easier for the bad guys to be successful. It’s just a proven statistic that 90% of all burglaries don’t even require forced entry-they just go in through unlocked doors and windows. Recent Department of Justice figures show that the average theft in a home burglary is about $2000.00. It takes all of 11 seconds to get in and a burglar will spend no more than 10 minutes inside a house.

So if a homeowner can slow down the amount of time that it takes the bad guy to get in; and hide things of value inside the house, so it takes longer to find them, chances are the burglar will leave empty-handed. After all he doesn’t want to get caught.

Some of the most effective deterrents to home burglary are home security alarms. Home alarms are one of the best ways to improve your home security. And they need not be expensive. Cheap home alarms-those under $25-are plentiful in the marketplace.

The most effective of these home security alarms are motion activated alarms. In general they work by sensing motion in a protected area. Once motion is detected a very loud alarm is sounded. The loud alarm does two things; it has the potential to scare the burglar away, and secondly it alerts you, if you are home or your neighbors if you’re not home, to trouble in your house. Good home security alarms can make as much as 125 dB noise.

Here are three of the most effective motion activated alarms.

Probably the most famous and popular motion activated alarm is the electronic watchdog. Once motion is detected in the protected area the sound of a growling dog starts. Anyone who knows what that sounds like will head for the hills.

Another Motion Detector Alarm protects an area up to 30 feet in a 110-degree radius. If motion is detected, a 120 dB alarm sounds and a bright strobe light flashes.

The safety beam laser sensor alarm features two units that are separated by as much as 60 feet with the laser beam between the two. If the beam is broken by activity, a loud alarm sounds. Or it can be set in chime mode to announce visitors in a store, for example, or entry into a warehouse space.

Motion activated alarms are the most popular and effective home security alarms in the marketplace today.

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