Home Security – Three Ways To Utilize Light To Prevent Burglary In Your Home

If it was possible for you to talk to a professional burglar or even an amateur for that matter and ask him what spooked him about a house that would make him choose another, he would probably tell you that the sound of a barking dog was way up at the top of the list. Burglars don’t like growling, barking dogs. Well, for that matter, who does?

But after that he would tell you that time, light and noise were the three things that he didn’t like the most. If it took him too much time to get into a house, that would spook him and make him choose another house. And to be honest that doesn’t present much of a problem because most people leave their windows and doors unlocked so it’s very easy for him to get in.

Another thing that bothers them is noise. That’s why burglar alarms are so effective. If an alarm sounds after he’s broken into a house, it will make him extremely nervous and shorten his visit. After all, he doesn’t want to get caught.

The third thing that will make a burglar think twice about breaking into a house is light. Here are three ways that you can use light as an effective burglar prevention tool and improve your home security.

The first tool is a simple lamp sensor that will automatically turn your lights off at dawn or in daylight and turn them on at night in darkness. That gives the impression that someone is at home even when you’re away on vacation. And believe me burglars look for signs like that.

The second burglary prevention tool that is very inexpensive and yet highly effective is a programmable random timer that can control settings for up to 20 lights or appliances. This can give the impression that someone is at home in different rooms. You can turn lights on or appliances such as televisions or radios on or off all at random times set by you. Keep the bad guys guessing by using this effective home security tool.

The third thing that’s a very effective tool is a Motion Activated Spotlight that turns a powerful flood light on when the motion sensor detects activity in front of it. This tool can scare the heck out of anyone sneaking around where they shouldn’t be.

Those are three very effective ways to use lighting as a home security tool to prevent burglary at your house.

The Programmable Random Timer can keep the bad guys guessing giving the impression someone is at home.

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