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Self-Defense Products: Affordable Stun Devices Under $20

In the 10 plus years as a major distributor for self-defense products I have tried to figure out why more people don’t have them as a primary tool for defending themselves against crime. The first thing that comes to mind is that they don’t know about them. So we distributors do the best that we can to educate people on the benefits of having self-defense products.

The second thing that comes to mind is that people think they are expensive. And maybe they are thinking about taser products which can be on the pricey side. Taser guns are more effective than anything else-marginally. They are nearly 100% effective as opposed to pepper sprays and stun devices which are “only” 90% effective on average. But you pay a price for that extra 10%.

When it comes to female self-defense and personal security and personal safety, self-defense products are the primary nonlethal alternative to the deadly force of a handgun. They are an effective non-lethal defense.

Pepper sprays and stun devices can protect you by disabling an assailant for up to 45 minutes giving you time to escape a potentially dangerous situation and seek help. Women especially are the targets of violence in the vast majority of cases. They experience threats of everything from assaults on city streets to domestic violence in the home.

When we say cheap stun devices we recognize the word “cheap” has another connotation-one of being flimsy and chintzy. Here we mean inexpensive and we recognize that it is an arbitrary term. So we selected a price point of $20 which we thought most folks could afford for their self-defense.

There is a cheap stun device that is 7.8 million volts. It comes in both black and pink and is less than $20. It is only 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide. It has a heavy-duty rubber coating to make gripping easier. It has a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. It is one of the most popular ones in the marketplace-maybe because of the price.

Another popular model, especially with women, is a Phone Stun Gun. It looks just like a cell phone but is a 3.5 million volt stun gun that is rechargeable and also has the safety switch. Women especially seem to like disguised self-defense products. Maybe that’s why this one is so popular.

So don’t let price or quality stop you from getting a “cheap” stun device. A $20 stun device can protect you just as well as a $60 stun gun.

We have ten Cheap Stun Devices for less than $20 and over 100 stun guns to choose from. One of them will be perfect for you.

 The Home Security Superstore is one of the oldest and largest independent distributors of high quality home security, surveillance, spy, self-defense, survival and safety products. We carry a wide range of self-defense products including tasers, stun guns, pepper sprays and other nonlethal weapons that can save your life in the event of an attack.

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