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Data Recovery Tools – Four Different Types

Is there any question in your mind as to the importance of the data you have on your desktop, laptop or mobile device? It is a data world we live in, of that there is absolutely no doubt. What also is of no doubt is that “stuff happens”as they say. People like you are losing their data more regularly with power outages, computer malfunctions and any number of reasons. Data just gets lost.

Here are four ways that you can recover data from just about anywhere on any device. In today’s wonderful world of technology what often is done can be undone. So if you lose data don’t worry, one of these data recovery tools can help you get it back.

The first is a SIM seizure data recovery that can be used to recover cell phone data in multiple languages. The USB drive and software enables recovery of text messages and performs comprehensive analysis of phone usage data. It can read Arabic, Chinese, Russian and other languages. It is easy to use. Just remove the SIM card from your phone and insert it into the thumb drive reader. Then plug it into a PC. It can download a user-friendly report that you can share with others including your last numbers dialed, text messages, service provider names, phone numbers, location and much more.

The second is an Android data recovery USB stick. It can recover text messages, call logs, images contacts and most other use of data. Are you an employer who has issued phones to your employees? This is a way for you to keep track of what they’re actually doing with their/your cell phones.

The third data recovery device can be used in conjunction with the Windows operating system and can recover images from a digital camera and recover deleted files data from hard drives or a variety of mobile devices. This is the same technology used by digital investigators and law enforcement agencies. Need to monitor what your children are doing on their PC? This is one inexpensive way to do it.

There is a Windows Recovery Stick that creates a registry entry when plugged into an active window system and automatically deletes it eliminating any trace you were there when you boot into the forensic mode. Deleted data can be recovered any time as long as it’s not overwritten on old data.

And with the popularity of iPhones, the fourth way is with an iPhone data recovery stick. This is perfect for professionals who accidentally deleted files or employers who want to check on their employees iPhones or parents who want to check on who their children are talking to online with their iPhone. This device can be used to recover text messages, call logs, images, contacts and calendar entries. It is a private investigator’s dream.

The iPhone Recovery Stick is a private investigator’s dream.

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