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Home Security – Three Steps to Burglar Proof Your Home

No matter the size of your home, big or small, more than likely it represents the biggest single investment you’ll ever make. That asset deserves to be protected. You have insurance to protect against fire. You may even have protection against robbery. But what have you done to protect your home against burglary? What steps have you taken to burglar proof your home?

Here are some tips that will help improve the security of your home and make it more burglar proof. The fact of the matter is if a burglar wants to get into your home, he will. The object is to make it more difficult for him both inside and outside the home.

The first thing that we recommend is that you take a look at the outside of your house much like a burglar would when he’s casing a neighborhood. Are there any obvious weaknesses? Are there any obvious chinks in your armor so to speak? Are there hiding places along lower-level doors and windows for example?

Do you have any warning signs in your front yard-signs that warn of a security system in place or signs of a vicious guard dog? Burglars who are looking for easy targets look for an actual sign or something that tips them off that there’s a security system in place such as a camera or for a dog kennel.

Two things burglars don’t like are dogs and security cameras. And even if you don’t get a dog and can’t afford a security system, there are signs that will work almost as well in sending that message.

If a burglar does happen to get into your home, which happens to one out of every six homeowners on an annual basis, don’t make it easy for him. Install some window and door alarms that sound a high-pitched siren when activated. A good alarm can be heard by your neighbors alerting them of trouble. But more importantly, a loud alarm will frighten off most burglars who are novices in 90% of the cases.

Then consider getting what are called diversion safes. These are objects that are so common no one would think twice about looking at them. They are hollowed out objects that have places to store jewelry, cash, credit cards and sometimes handguns. They employ the principle of “hiding in plain sight.”

Burglars only spend on average about 10 minutes inside a home looking for easy things to steal like cash, jewelry and credit cards. Handguns are a priority target too. They are easy to pawn and can be readily converted into cash.

Here are three steps to burglar proof your home.

1. Look at your home from the outside for any obvious weaknesses.

2. Get a dog or security system or just as good, signs that warn of them.

3. Increase your interior security with window and door alarms and hide valuables in a diversion safe.

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