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Home Security – New Tools To Help You Prevent Vandalism To Your Home and Car

Vandalism has been defined as the malicious destruction of another person’s property. That is about as simple as it gets for a definition. Annually it causes close to $5 billion a year in damage to public and private property.

When I started to look for causes of vandalism, the most common one seemed to be because people thought it was funny. We think the causes go much deeper than that and are associated with rituals of gang initiation in some instances or kids looking for a creative way to express themselves.

Whatever the causes, the damage done to cars and homes annually is substantial depending on where you live in a city. Every city seems to have an area that is much more prone to vandalism than others.

For years stories of vicious dogs around a home to protect it were legendary. The comedy movie “Sandlot” comes to mind where a house was protected by a vicious dog. Local boys accidentally hit a baseball into the back yard and were scared to death of going to get it because of the dog.

Today vandalism is no laughing matter. Among preventative things that are recommended are to never post your travel plans on social media sites or talk about your trip with casual acquaintances. Or one of my favorites, leave a note on your front door saying you’re going to be gone. That is an open invitation to not only vandalism but home burglary and falls in the category of a no-brainer.

If you have a garage door with windows, cover them up so nobody can see that your car is gone. Trim trees and shrubs so there are no hiding places. Turn down the volume on your answering machine and ringer so they can’t be heard outside.

There are a couple of tools that are relatively new in the marketplace. They can send a signal to vandals or home burglars alike to stay away from the property. They are security cameras that have night vision capability. If the bad guys do burglarize or vandalize your house, car or property, chances are very good that they will get their picture memorialized. Police tell us that if they have video, they have a much better chance of catching the bad guys.

The first is a night vision camera with a DVR receiver. It is a motion activated camera that can be placed 328 feet away from the receiver. It comes with a “warning CCTV in operation” sticker.

The second new tool is a camera that comes with a 7 inch Quad view screen DVR. It is an infrared LED night vision camera that has night vision up to 50 feet away and wireless transmission can be up to 300 feet. It will support up to four cameras.

These two new devices may not stop vandalism or home burglary but if an intrusion does happen, chances are great you will catch the perpetrators.

This night vision Camera With DVR can be placed as far as 328 away from the receiver which gives you great coverage. Two way talking capability too.

This Quad Screen DVR comes with one night vision camera but three more can be added for a DIY home security system.

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