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Home Security – New Hidden Security Camera Systems To Catch Burglars In The Act

The home burglary business is alive and well. While most other areas of crime in the United States have reported decreases, home burglary in most areas is on the increase. There are some law enforcement authorities who believe the increase is because of the economy. With more people out of work some turn to burglary as a way to support their families.

And why not? Homeowners make home burglary the easiest crime to get away with. Fully 90% of all home burglaries don’t even require forced entry; the bad guys just go in through unlocked doors and windows. Recently I read in my Neighborhood Watch bulletin that it takes burglars on average 11 seconds to get into a house. That’s pretty scary if you ask me.

But the real prize is inside the house. The average value of stolen goods from a home burglary is close to $2000.00 according to Department of Justice figures. And a burglar will spend usually no more than 10 minutes inside a house. On a good day, a burglar can steal $10,000 worth of goods within several hours. Yes he may only get a fraction of that when he tries to sell it, but it is usually enough to feed his drug habit or his family.

So what can homeowners do to make burglary more difficult? Here are some ideas and tools to help with home security.

The first thing that I would recommend is that you start or join a neighborhood watch program. Part of that is putting up signs in your neighborhood letting the bad guys know there is a program. Sometimes that acts as a deterrent in itself.

Then I would put up some signs in your front yard warning of a vicious guard dog or security cameras. Burglars read that kind of stuff and pay attention to it. You don’t even need to have a guard dog or the security cameras-sometimes the signs alone will do.

Then if the burglars do get in, make it more difficult by using hidden safes inside the house to hide your valuables. The longer it takes a burglar to find what he’s looking for the better the chance he will leave with nothing.

And then if the burglar does get in, have some hidden cameras or security cameras that can document who he is and the time that he was there. Police will tell you if you have security footage of a burglary, the chances go up by 50% of catching him.

There are several new hidden cameras that are really designed for outdoor use that can catch a burglar breaking into your house. They are the new “Xtreme Life” models such as a wall clock, an electrical box or an outdoor stone.

The newest tool is the Remote View Camera. This outdoor security camera comes with a mounting bracket, USB extension cable, software CD and power adapter. It is a wireless remote view camera that can record video straight to your PC via a wireless receiver. It has line of sight vision up to 500 feet. This may be the perfect solution for catching somebody in the act of vandalism to your car or home and it certainly will catch a burglar breaking into your house.

We have over 100 Spy Cameras to choose from with many styles and capabilities. One of them may be just what you need.

The outdoor Remote View Camera has a line of sight up to 500 feet.

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