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Home Security-How To Protect Your Home From Burglary

If you believe in playing the odds, you may be able to get away without having a home security system or any home security products in place to protect your home. We would not recommend that strategy. One out of every 6 homes gets burglarized. Statistics show that a burglar will spend no more than two minutes trying to get into your house. If he can’t get enter in those two minutes he will move on to another home as his target.

Many burglars start their home burglary with a simple knock at the front door to see if anybody is home. If no one answers and a dog doesn’t start barking, they have a green light. If someone answers the door he can simply make up a bogus reason for being there and move on to another target.

While the burglar is standing at your front door he will observe to see if there are any Security Cameras or signs of a security system in place. He will also observe if neighbors are out and about watching what is going on.

If your home is unlucky enough to be targeted, how do you keep him out for at least two minutes? Believe it or not, most homeowners leave some windows and doors unlocked so burglars don’t even really have to break in.

To protect your home from home burglary begin by keeping on your doors and windows securely locked even when you are home. Bolster the security of main entryways by reinforcing locking mechanisms, replacing flimsy strike plates and installing burglar proof hinges.

If you have sliding glass doors, they present an irresistible way for the bad guys to get in. Add auxiliary sliding glass door locks and install screws into the track above the door frame to keep the door from being lifted off the track. Wedge a wooden rod into the bottom track when the door is closed and locked. This will prevent the door from being opened if the burglar manages to unlock it.

If you are going to spend any money on a home security product or home alarm, we would recommend the Barking Dog Alarm be your first choice. It can “see” through walls, doors and windows 20 feet away. If someone enters the protected area, the sound of a growling, barking dog begins.

Look at your home as a burglar would. If it presents any visible deterrents such as warning signs or security cameras, the burglar is likely to move on to another target. If your home has potential hiding places near lower-level doors and windows, that presents an invitation to burglarize.

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