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New Powerful Stun Devices-Product Reviews

You may laugh or think we’re making this up, but less than a decade ago when we first got started in this business a powerful stun device-perhaps one of the most powerful of its day-was an eight hundred thousand volt behemoth that was nearly 10 inches long. It needed to be that big to hold all the batteries to make it that powerful. Back then a 1,000,000 V stun device was unheard of.

In this article we are going to review some new powerful stun devices so you can see by comparing them if any would suit your needs. Product reviews give you another look at products and frequently compare them to others in the same category, which many people find helpful.

The first and perhaps the most powerful is the 18,000,000 volt new Monster Stun Gun that comes in seven colorful exteriors including black, pink, white, purple, zebra, and pink zebra in addition to the one shown here in camouflage decor. It is only 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide and includes an ultra-bright flashlight that’s built-in along with a slide out plug to charge through a regular wall outlet. It also comes with a nylon carrying case and sells for $17.95 making it one of the best values in stun technology.

Another new powerful stun device is manufactured by Guard Dog who seems to specialize in flashlight stun guns. This model is called the inferno stun gun which comes in black or pink. It is 6,000,000 volts using rechargeable technology. It is coated in a black rubberized armor for a non-slip grip. The safety built-in include an accidental discharge security switch. It comes with a safety to protect the prongs from any damage, a recharging cable, a holster and free canister of 18% concentration pepper spray. It has a free lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Another new powerful self-defense weapon from guard dog is the Diablo Camo stun flashlight. It is 4.5 million volts in a type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy body. This stun flashlight is different from most in that there are no visible metal probes. This model is the military edition with camouflage appearance. It comes with a nylon carrying case and a canister of 18% Pepper spray. It also has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Those are product reviews of three new powerful stun devices. One of them represents an excellent value for your money, all of them provide excellent protection for your money.

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