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Home Security Gadgets – Product Reviews

In this article we are going to take a look at several popular home security gadgets, tell you a little bit about them and make suggestions on which ones you should consider getting for your home security.

There are literally thousands of home security products in the market today that are all effective to one extent or another. Some have very specialized applications-for example, the siren padlock. It is made of super strong aluminum that is heavy-duty and completely weatherproof. Once the padlock locks, if anybody tries to open it up, a piercing 10 second long 110 dB alarm sounds. This could be the perfect tool for an on or off site storage shed or even a bicycle lock.

Another home security gadget that is very popular is a fake security camera that has a motion detection sensor in it with a blinking 24 hour red LED light. This is no ordinary fake camera because it has a motorized pan movement from right to left that can fool anybody into thinking it’s the real thing. It works on three AA batteries.

Key hiders are also very popular. The days of putting a spare house key underneath the front mat are over. Everyone knows that trick. These hide keys so well you will have to leave yourself a note so you remember where they are.

One of the most popular gadgets is the Driveway Patrol wireless alert which can be installed in seconds with no wiring needed. It has a 400 foot signal range and a motion activated range of up to 30 feet with an angle of view of 30 degrees. It uses advanced infrared technology to detect motion and of course is completely weather resistant because it is meant to be used outdoors. It “instantly alerts you inside your house when someone enters your driveway or walk.”

And one of the most popular gadgets for home security is a door wedge alarm. It is a simple, common door wedge that slides underneath the door when it’s closed. It prevents it from opening. But if someone tries to force it open the movement sensor on the top part of the wedge activates a 125 dB alarm. We recommend this as a perfect tool for college dorms, homes, apartments and even motel rooms. It operates on one nine volt battery that is not included.

Those are product reviews of some of the more popular home security gadgets.

The Driveway Patrol Alert is an inexpensive way to bolster your homes security.

The Door Wedge Alarm provides peace of mind anywhere you sleep by sounding a loud alarm should someone try to enter thru the door.

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