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Dog Attack Prevention and Protection Tips

Back in the day, I had a dog bite that required 80 stitches at the hospital. Since that time I have become acutely aware of how terrifying a dog attack or a dog bite can be. Even to this day it still sends a chill up and down my spine when I think about that experience. Millions of Americans-close to 5 million-are bitten by dogs every year with close to 1 million of them requiring treatment at an emergency room.

Every day 1,000 Americans are treated at hospitals for dog bites-many of those people are bitten in the face because they are children.

We have made a study of effective dog attack prevention tips and want to pass some new ones along to you.

If you smile at a growling dog, he may see the bared teeth as a sign of aggressiveness.

The dog’s body language can send you a signal whether he wants to play or whether he means serious business. A loping gait means he wants to play with you; a steady run is much more problematic as is a stiff body. A curving body indicates a much more relaxed dog, one who’s checking you out.

Unless the dog is trained to attack specific areas of the body, dogs often consider a shirt or jacket to be part of the target. Removing your shirt or jacket and allowing the dog to get a hold of it can buy you some time to escape or seek another remedy. If you have an umbrella, this creates a confusing diversion for the dog and may save a serious bite.

Some old tips include never running away from a dog. Dogs have prey instincts to chase and catch animals. You can’t out run a dog anyhow, so don’t even try.

And don’t pose a threatening position where you have eye contact and face the dog. Turn sideways and view the dog with peripheral vision. This presents a non-threatening view to the dog.

If you have access to a water hose, spraying a dog with a strong jet of water is a great way to get it to back off.

Dog pepper spray is particularly effective. Make sure you always have a self-defense pepper spray with you when you’re out and about. They’re not only good on humans but as a dog attack defense too.

Those are some new dog attack and dog bite prevention tips. If you follow them, you may stay out of the emergency room at the hospital.

The Sabre Dog Pepper Spray shoots out to 12 feet away while the Mace Pepper Gun can shoot out to 25 feet away.

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