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Home Security-Barking Dog Alarm-Bark And Growl Without The Bite

Dogs are second only to cats in terms of popularity for household pets. Many people own dogs as companions when they get older or as “seeing eye” dogs. Their value, for many, is priceless. People own dogs for other reasons as well. There isn’t a SWAT team in the country that doesn’t have a canine unit. Almost all military bases have canine units too. As friendly as people want their dogs to be, for many, dogs are feared animals and with good reason. Watchdogs are highly valued animals.

For years I had a dog as a pet, not necessarily for me, but for my kids. It was almost one of those yuppie ‘had to have one’ kind of things. I wouldn’t have a dog now for all the money in the world. I have no need for a guard dog and my companion is a very nice two legged variety thank you.

Many people feel the same way. They don’t want the hassle associated with having a dog, but they like the idea of having the sounds of a barking, growling dog as a deterrent to home burglary and home invasion.

Last week in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio a burglar managed to sneak into a home while the household dog was sleeping. The burglar made enough noise to wake up the dog that growled and barked the burglar right out the door. A neighbor saw the burglar running away and called police who later caught the guy. He had to admit he was scared to death of the dog. A local police officer was asked recently for his opinion on the most effective deterrent to home burglary. His answer was a barking dog.

That scene and scenes similar to it are repeated every day throughout the country. It is a testament to the effectiveness of having a growling, barking dog. However for a lot of very good reasons folks don’t want to have a dog.

Now there is a compromise that allows you to get the bark and angry growl of a dog without all the downside of having to walk it, feed it and clean up after it. It is called the electronic watchdog or as some people call it, the Barking Dog Alarm.

It uses the same technology as radar to detect motion up to twenty feet away. If motion is detected in the hundred degree arc of protection sounds of an angry, growling, barking dog start. The volume of the barking and distance are both adjustable. An additional sensor can be hooked up to broaden the protected area. For business owners an alarm or chime can sound to announce visitors to a retail store.

The barking dog alarm can help with home security as an effective home security alarm.

When you need to protect your home or your warehouse get the Barking Dog Alarm.

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