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HD 720 Wireless Receiver And DVR-A PI’s Dream

HD 720 Wireless Receiver And DVR-A PI’s Dream

This is one of the most awesome new products to come into the market in recent times

The 720 P Wireless Receiver and DVR. It has huge 60 GB hard drive a 3.5 inch color LCD screen. When you attach a wired or wireless spy camera to the device you can capture video in manual or motion activated recording. It has a high-capacity 3.7 volt lithium battery with three hours of life per charge.

It can fit right into your pocket. It produces 720 pixel HD recordings and has USB cable, RCA cables, earphones, carrying case, AC adapter and two rechargeable batteries.

This product is not for everyone that is for sure. But if you are a private investigator and need a mobile way to record video this could be just for you.

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