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Self Defense Classes At Home

I have always told people that if you learn something, it is best to learn it from a real professional. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you don’t learn from the best you’re missing out on something. Paul Vunak has been teaching Navy SEALS, FBI, and CIA plus a dozen SWAT teams for years on fighting systems that can be learned quickly and easily.

This course called Street Safe teaches the eight basic tools of “Jeet Kune Do” a form of street fighting that will get you out of 95% of any street confrontation that you happen to run into.

It is specifically designed for people who have no previous fighting skills and need to learn something quickly. It is a great way to learn self-defense skills in the comfort of your own home from a real professional.

Kimber Johnson teaches women a course called Women’s Combat. She is a lifelong martial arts instructor an assault survivor. This course is geared mainly for women.

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