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Guard Your Privacy Using an RF Detector and Other Counter Surveillance Products

There are many times when you want to make sure that conversations and meetings that you have are private and that no one is listening in or recording what you have to say. There are also instances when the converse is true when you want to record or hear what others are saying even though they may be hundreds of feet away.

That is why counter surveillance products exist; to help you keep your private meetings and private conversations just that-Private. Corporate security personnel and private investigators are kept busy around the world making sure that these meetings and conversations are secure. With the technology that exists these days you can’t just walk into a room and say here’s a hidden camera or hidden microphone. You need detection devices that will find that hidden camera or hidden microphone, a.k.a. “a bug.”

Here are several products that corporate security personnel use to do just that. You can use them as well for your home security and to keep your conversations private and make sure no one else is listening.

You may already know that all hidden cameras or hidden microphones send out RF (radio frequency) signals. The first product is an RF camera bug detector. This is an inexpensive way to detect and locate hidden spy cameras or bugs, cell phones, Wi-Fi or other RF transmitters. It detects a varied range of transmitting frequencies from 1 to 6 GHz up to 10 meters away or approximately 32 feet. Once it’s turned on the RF detector can send an audio or vibration signal that an RF signal has been located. Then you can locate and remove it.

The second product is an audio jammer that protects an area up to 150 square feet. It can protect areas where confidential meetings are held by using a masking sound that basically desensitizes any hardwired microphone, tape recorder or RF transmitter.

And the third product is a more advanced professional bug detector with audio verification. This will detect both wired and wireless bugs in frequencies from 0.05 GHz up to 6.0 GHz and will fit in the palm your hand and uses a rechargeable battery. It can detect RF signals up to 16 feet away.

Those are three devices pros use to protect their clients. You can use them to protect your private conversations at home to improve your home security.

Our Professional RF Detector covers a wider range of frequencies for audio and visual devices.

The RF Detector can detect camera and listening devices cheaply.

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