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Fake Security Cameras, the Barking Dog Alarm, and Other Ways to Secure Your Home

If you had access to the most brilliant minds in home security or could get the secrets from home burglars or knew someone in the police department who is an expert in securing homes from burglary or home invasion, here are some of the things that they would tell you are the successful keys to a secure home.

Why is this important? Home burglary and home invasions are two areas of crime that are on the increase. One out of six homes on an annual basis is victimized by a home burglar. Homeowners have a substantial investment in their properties-well over $200,000 on average and another $60,000 in improvements and furnishings. So protecting that investment is high on everybody’s list.

The first thing that professionals in home security will tell you is that prevention is the key. As far as the home invasion is concerned you want to avoid being a victim at all costs. After the home invader gets in it’s too late. Never let anybody into your front door that you’re not absolutely sure you know.

Believe it or not, most home invasions start right at the front door with the homeowner letting the bad guys in. As far as burglary is concerned, take steps to make your home either an unattractive target or so secure that nobody in their right mind would want to take a chance at getting caught.

How your home looks to a burglar or home invader from the outside goes a long ways towards determining whether he will attempt a burglary or home invasion.

When burglars or home invaders look at your home from the outside, they notice things like security cameras and signs warning of guard dogs or an alarm system in place. They don’t notice whether the security camera is real or fake. Most fake security cameras today are so realistic looking that even an expert couldn’t tell the difference. Some even have moving parts and flashing LED lights just like their more expensive real brothers.

It is estimated that 90% to 95% of all home burglars are first-time offenders and as such, they’re very skittish about getting caught. So if they do happen to get into your home, any kind of alarm usually spooks them away.

Burglars hate dogs which is why the barking dog alarm is so effective. The alarm, once set up, can protect an area up to 20 feet away even through walls and windows. So if a burglar were in that area, the sound of an angry barking dog would start effectively preventing him from getting into the house.

Those are some of the successful keys to securing your home.

The Barking Dog Alarm is so effective because burglars hate barking dogs.

Our Fake Security Cameras are so realistic looking no one can tell they are not the real thing.

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