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Europeans Use Pepper Sprays Against Flood Of Immigrants

pepper spray

In today’s story we will share with you recent examples of how nonlethal self-defense products have been used.

From the Netherlands and the conservative news organization Breitbart comes this story about firebrand lawmaker Geert Wilders who was handing out fake pepper sprays filled with red paint to women in the face of what he is calling “Islamic testosterone bombs” referring to the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Cologne.

Mr. Wilders has a reputation of being uncompromisingly anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic. He says Dutch people in a big majority don’t want and cannot afford more immigrants and that it makes the Dutch people and women, in particular, more unsafe. His popularity soars because of anti-immigrant rhetoric. This popularity is gaining traction on the back of disenchantment with new immigrants, especially Islamics.

A Danish teenager who used a pepper spray in self-defense will likely be charged because pepper spray is illegal in Denmark. She and many of her friends began carrying self-defense pepper sprays when reports emerged about the wave of sexual assaults since Middle Eastern immigrants have been flooding the area and elsewhere in Europe. She told the police that she was able to free herself from an assault by using pepper spray. The assailant is still at large.

According to this story the demand for self-defense weapons in Germany has doubled according to a local license authority all triggered by the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults on women in Cologne and other German cities. Topping the list are stun weapons and pepper sprays. According to one dealer “people no longer feel safe, otherwise they wouldn’t be buying these products.” The authorities issuing these “small weapons licenses” that allow for the purchasing and carrying of self-defense products say the number of applications has doubled since the beginning of 2016.

The sporting goods store called Big Country Outdoors in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada has been selling sporting goods and weapons for defense against wild animals for a long time. But recently they have been selling self-defense products to customers because of an increase in crime. Many people are blaming the increase on burglary. Canadian law prohibits the use of a firearm for self-protection and, believe it or not, pepper spray is considered a prohibited weapon. According to a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman-RCMP-it is best to avoid an attacker if possible; don’t engage anybody confronting you if you can. Easier said than done!

In Tempe, Arizona students at Arizona State University’s self-defense club are collecting opinions about weapons on campus. The Arizona legislature is considering a bill that would make firearms legal on college campuses. The club is urging students to express which forms of self-defense they would use if those tools were allowed on University grounds. Included among them are nonlethal choices of pepper spray or Taser.

In Colorado Springs, Colorado a man was arrested after police said he forced his way into a home recently. One of two teenagers at the house chased the man away using pepper spray on the suspect which caused the man to flee.

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Share with us if you will your stories of self-defense using nonlethal product such as pepper spray or stun device. Don’t be bashful!

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