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Customer Favorite Home Security Gadgets

Home security gadgets are do-it-yourself, inexpensive products that are easy to use. They provide low-cost solutions to a variety of problems. In this post, we will discuss the top customer favorite home security gadgets that we carry.

  1. One of the most popular is a sprinkler head for outdoor watering use that has been converted into a key hider. It provides a convenient way to prevent yourself from getting locked out of your home or car ever again. It has a screw top for extra security and of course, is waterproof. Gone are the days of hiding a key underneath the front door mat. Everyone, including all burglars, knows that trick.
  2. The most popular customer favorite home security gadget is this super door stop alarm. It requires no installation and operates on one 9 volt battery. It is lightweight and thus is great for travel. It looks just like a regular door stop with an anti-slide pad on the bottom. The top has a movement sensor which activates the 125 dB alarm when pressure is applied, as in an attempted door opening.
  3. Third, on our list of customer favorite home security gadgets is this fake dome camera. It looks just like a real dome camera but at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Dome cameras are the most common and widely used security cameras in the world. This fake dome camera has a blinking red LED light that operates 24/7 on two AA batteries. It requires no wiring, and installation is simple with the included screws using a standard screwdriver. It is the perfect way to improve your home security and prevent burglary in your homes or business.
  4. Next on our list of customer favorite home security gadgets is a diversion safe that resembles an authentic can of Ajax. This gadget can be emptied out with a hidden compartment inside. The bottom must be screwed off for access. It is weighted so that it feels just like a regular Ajax can you would find in a grocery store. Diversion safes are a great way to protect your small valuables such as currency and jewelry. Burglars cannot look everywhere which is why diversion safes are so effective. They are common household objects, usually kitchen products, which have hollowed out interiors to hide items of value. A burglar spends usually no more than 10 minutes inside a home looking for things of value. A diversion safe is a great way to protect them.
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