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Customer Favorite Auto Dialers

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia says that an auto dialer is “an electronic device or software that automatically dials telephone numbers. Once the call has been answered, the auto dialer either plays a recorded message or connects the call to a live person.” Our auto dialers are much more. They are a valuable home security product that includes a home security alarm that is based on motion activation.

In this article we will take a look at the top two customer favorite auto dialer home security products.

Auto dialers have become much more popular recently because of customer awareness of just how effective they are at detecting home burglary. Home burglary continues to be one of the most common crimes committed in the United States with close to one out of every five homes is a victim every year.

As such, auto dialers are a great home burglary prevention tool. These auto dialers only work on analog landline phones.

The most popular auto dialer that we carry is this Motion Detection Alarm auto dialer. The motion sensor that is included with the unit can detect motion from 20 feet away and has a 90 degree arc in its infrared sensor range. Once motion is detected a 125 dB home security alarm goes off and up to three pre-programmed numbers are dialed alerting you of any intrusion instantaneously. It uses four AA batteries. It can be wall mounted or freestanding with a 10 second entry delay and a 30 second exit delay.

The next most popular customer favorite is the HomeSafe AutoDialer Alarm that has an effective range of up to 26 feet for the motion sensor. When motion is detected, a 105 dB home security alarm sounds and up to five emergency phone numbers are dialed in order. The sensor has a 110 degree arc area coverage which is big enough for most rooms. It easily mounts on all walls.

One of the phone numbers that you should have programmed in, is to your local law enforcement office. Then we suggest a neighbor’s phone and one for your phone number. Auto dialers are an effective home security product that can alert you immediately of any intrusion and sound an alarm when there’s a break-in and potentially scare the burglar away.

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