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Comparing Fox Labs And Streetwise Defensive Sprays

Comparing Fox Labs And Streetwise Defensive Sprays

In my previous article entitled Which Defensive Spray Brand Is Better Mace or Sabre? we compared two popular defensive sprays: Mace and Sabre brand. Today we are expanding on that theme and comparing two other defensive sprays that are very popular: Fox Labs and Streetwise Pepper Spray.

Since pepper sprays are the most popular self-defense product in the world, we want to share with you our thoughts on these products by comparing them. That way you can make an informed decision when purchasing one. Of course our helpdesk is always available to assist.

In our informative piece What Qualities Does An Effective Pepper Spray Have?we gave you some helpful hints on what to look for in a pepper spray. We should note that all pepper sprays do exactly the same thing however, some are more effective than others. You want to get the best one for your dollar.

The purpose of any civilian pepper spray is to disable an assailant long enough for you to get away from a dangerous situation and seek help.

First, some history on both of these companies. Fox labs was founded in 1992 to provide civilians with the best self-defense products available. They quickly realized that their products were so effective that they could market them to law enforcement agencies. That gives you an idea of how great Fox Labs pepper sprays are.

Streetwise brands had humble beginnings back in 1990 when a man started selling pepper sprays out of the trunk of his car. That was the foundation of Cutting Edge Products, the manufacturer of Streetwise defensive sprays and stun guns which has propelled itself into the limelight of nonlethal self-defense products.

Streetwise brands may have the broadest selection of products of any self-defense product manufacturer. When it comes to pepper sprays, their formulation has been independently tested by a reputable testing company to give credence to their claim that many of their sprays are 87% stronger than the competition.

Fox brands on the other hand introduced a 2% OC formula that measures 5.3 SHU’s (one of the more common measurements of the hotness of pepper sprays) making it one of the hottest pepper sprays in the marketplace.

Their stress has always been to make quality products.

OC sprays from Fox labs are Taser/ECD compatible because many of their defensive sprays are carried by law-enforcement officers who nowadays use and carry Tasers.

Pepper sprays are legal in all states with only a few of them requiring restrictions. You can check online or with your local police department for limitations in your area.

As of this writing we have nearly 200 Non-Lethal Defensive Sprays to choose from, which is the largest selection of pepper sprays on the Internet in any one place.

 Which brand of pepper spray do you prefer? And why? We want to hear from you.

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