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Self-Defense Items Every College Student Needs Before Fall Semester

self defense in college

Fall semester is upon us and college students across the country are preparing to return to campus. Though this is one of the most exciting times in every student's life, unfortunately, there is a certain level of danger that comes along with it. Those with nefarious purposes can often be found waiting on campus for unsuspecting victims to cross their path.

What can be done to combat this problem? The experts here at The Home Security Superstore have some suggestions. From self-defense weapons, to tips for how to use your body to defend yourself, it’s crucial to pay close attention to this article as it could save your life.

Who needs self-defense weapons?

Though college students are oftentimes the ones that can benefit the most from having a self-defense weapon on hand, they are ideal for anyone who is concerned about the possibility of being attacked. Situations where you need to defend yourself can arise at any place, at any time so it’s best to be proactive rather than reactive. In other words, be prepared in the event you become faced with a potentially deadly situation.

The Effectiveness of Expanding Batons

Collapsible batons are fantastic self-defense items for women and men alike. They can be stored in your purse or within the inner lining of your coat and be virtually undetected. When a would-be bad guy crosses your path and refuses to go away, expanding batons can be deployed quickly. These self-defense weapons are sturdy enough to cause bodily harm to the perpetrator, yet safe for you to handle without harming yourself. You can order one today from The Home Security Superstore and have it delivered prior to the semester starting. 


TASER® Guns for Self-Defense

Stun guns, known more commonly by the brand name TASER®, are non-lethal weapons that are easily concealed, easy to use, and safe to carry by all people including college students. Stun guns come in a variety of models from a number of different manufacturers.

It’s important that stun guns be over 300,000 volts as this is the most effective specimen. It will impair the brain of your attacker in addition to his or her body. They are perfect self-defense items for women and men. It is recommended that you take some lessons on how to use these without causing harm to yourself but is not required. 

Stun guns work by using electricity to mess with the nervous system of the perpetrator. You must keep in mind that this is also a non-lethal weapon, meaning that it will not kill them though it will temporarily disable them, giving you time to get far away. Then call the police and report the incident. 

The Home Security Superstore carries a variety of different stun guns, including TASER® products, in a number of different shapes and sizes. Self defense keychains with built-in stun guns  or pepper spray are small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, there’s something for everyone to stay protected. 

If you’re looking for a way to defend yourself at any moment, look no further than keychain weapons. These covert non-lethal weapons are small enough to clip onto your keys or carry in your pocket. Always easy to grip and use at a moment’s notice, a self-defense keychain provides peace of mind in any situation.

What are some differences between a regular stun gun and a shooting stun gun?

While both make use of an electric shock to fend off a would-be attacker, there are stark differences between the two. When utilizing shooting stun guns, the defendant must be accurate and skilled at using them. Otherwise, it will do nothing against your problem person.

With run-of-the-mill stun guns, there has to be direct contact involved in their application. It only works at a close range, however, it can be used multiple times. This is a huge advantage in case the first time is not effective against your attacker.

Both products can be purchased online or in a physical store. It is highly recommended you take some lessons on how to use it no matter which one you buy. Being prepared to use either one could save your life someday.

Please Note: the following entries in our article are not meant to inflict harm on a potential attacker. Instead, they will allow the user to deploy them against the perpetrator in a way that temporarily stops them in their tracks. The idea behind these self-defense weapons is to enable you to get far away from them as quickly as possible.

Pepper Spray Vs. Mace

This common debate is a bit misleading. Just as stun guns are often called by the brand name TASER®, MACE® is a brand of pepper spray. In general, pepper spray is a substance of natural origins derived directly from the pepper plant. Most commonly it is created with oleoresin capsicum (OC) which is an oily extract of pepper plants in the genus Capsicum.

Something else to be aware of: certain pepper spray varieties may also include tear gas. You can find such products nearly everywhere pepper spray can be purchased, in different sizes and configurations. It can be bought either separately or as part of a College Safety Kit from various providers.

pepper spray for self defense

Weapons That Are Forbidden on Campus

Under no circumstances can you bring a firearm onto a college campus in any state in the U.S. Some knives are allowed following heavy restrictions. For example, you may find a campus that specifies that to carry a knife, it must be a folding knife and may not be longer than 2.5 inches. Switchblades and other types of knives that are considered more dangerous than folding knives are typically forbidden on all campuses.

Pepper spray tends to have restrictions placed on it as well. Often you will find that to carry pepper spray on campus, it has to have a clear, concise warning label and must be less than 2.5 ounces. It is also unlawful to use pepper spray for any reason other than self-defense. BB guns and any form of toy gun are also completely forbidden on college campuses. This includes paintball guns and some types of stun guns.

Important Note: Violations of these weapons protocols will be met with severe punishment which can involve jail time. If you are unsure about who your self-defense weapon of choice falls into these guidelines, you can often find more detailed information on the college’s website.

Attend Self-Defense Classes Offered By Local Law Enforcement

This is one of the best forms of self-defense you can have. By attending a self-defense class, you can be armed with all the tools you need to defend yourself, with or without a weapon. Take ongoing classes from a certified trainer or law enforcement officer and practice what you learn so that you will be prepared to act when the moment comes.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that you have to be prepared to give them a good fight. In lieu of merely scaring him, you may have to injure the attacker before they will go away. Remember, the idea is to save your own life.

Even boxing classes can prove useful in the same manner and for the same reasons. However, it’s necessary to know how to box without gloves. If an attacker approaches you, gloves will not be readily available That said, proper boxing techniques are an excellent method of self-protection.

self defense

You Never Know When You Will Have to Defend Yourself.

It’s Vital to Be Ready with on the go self defense. Though the idea of defending yourself against an attacker of any kind anywhere is something that most of us would like to avoid discussing in general, it’s crucial for any person to be ready to defend themselves against an attack. Should you, unfortunately, find yourself in a harrowing situation, the forethought of how to handle the situation effectively can be the difference between the perpetrator being caught and arrested for their crimes and you being injured or worse.

At The Home Security Superstore, we pride ourselves on providing only the best self-defense weapons and tools to individuals of all ages across the country. Start protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your home today by shopping our vast collection of security products from leading industry brands. For more information or to speak with a representative, give us a call today at 1-800-616-5305. You can also reach us by email at


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