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Beef Up Your Home Security By Keeping Bad Guys Away

Beef Up Your Home Security By Keeping Bad Guys Away

Did you ever wonder why some homes are targeted for burglary and not others? The answer is really quite simple. In today’s article we will tell you how burglars do it. Here we will explain how to beef up your home security and keep the bad guys away.

When burglars go looking for potential homes to target, they obviously pick the ones that offer the least resistance. This process is called “casing” a neighborhood. Through the casing process, burglars choose the easiest homes to enter with the smallest chance of getting caught. Make sense?

In our article entitled ‘Six Little Known Secrets About Burglary/Home Security You Should Know’ we say “nothing will stop a burglar in his tracks any faster than the sight of a security/surveillance camera. Burglars may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer, but they are smart enough to not want to get caught. That is why when they look for homes to burglarize, if they see a security surveillance camera, they move on to another home.”

With the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, homeowners are taking home security to the next level and improving the chances of catching the bad guys and getting their stolen property back.

Even police departments are getting into the act by posting on their websites and their social media sites videos that home owners take with their surveillance cameras. The combination of social media and surveillance videos is the single biggest reason why home burglary appears to be on the decline nationwide.

We explain more about this trend in our recent article ‘Why Are Property Crimes On The Decline?’ This phenomena of using homeowners’ security cameras to capture images of burglars and posting it on social media cannot take all the credit for this decline in property crimes, but it is a big part of it.

Two Recommendations for Security Cameras

The first is this inexpensive SecurityMan® IP Camera that features superior streaming quality with remote viewing and night vision capability up to 50 feet away in complete darkness. Another great feature is the remote point till zoom (PTZ) control, playback and backup which gives you amazing capability. The remote viewing feature enables you to see what your camera sees from your smart phone. It can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted depending on your circumstances. You can remotely record to a PC or a micro SD card with as much as 32 GB for 57 hours of recording.

Our second recommendation is this quick and easy user-friendly SecurityMan® 8 Channel Wireless System that has an amazing internal 1TB SATA hard drive that can record about 22 days at 240fps normal quality. The system uses manual, scheduled or motion detection recording modes and all functions can be controlled using a mouse or remote control unit. An optional add-on pin base allows you to remotely control the camera’ motion for added flexibility and utility.

Do you really want to take a chance that you will not be burglarized when the odds are not in your favor? Adding surveillance cameras to your home is a great way to beef up your security and keep the bad guys away.

What precautions do you take to prevent burglary?

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