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Busted By A Home Security Camera

In today’s article we’re taking a look at four cases where surveillance cameras were used to capture images of burglars which then helped lead to their arrest. This is important because it is just a fact that if police have a picture of a home burglar, the chances improve by 50% that he will get caught and more importantly that the stolen property will be recovered. Additionally, many police forces throughout the United States are understaffed and do not have the resources in manpower, time or money to pursue most cases of home burglary.

We discussed a unique way to catch burglars in our article entitled ‘High Tech Way To Catch Burglars’ where we say “police usually only clear 13% of all reported burglaries due to lack of witnesses or physical evidence. There is another reason why so few burglary crimes are solved. There are so many of them that the police department just doesn’t have the manpower to pursue them.”

In our first example, a burglar in Pompano Beach Florida was caught on a surveillance camera wearing a T-shirt that said “I am old school.” This Old School Burglar perhaps did not realize that his image was being captured on a surveillance camera as he wandered around the home and stole a box of jewelry. The burglar drove a silver SUV and parked it in the homeowner’s driveway. He then knocked on the front door posing as a visitor but then wiped off his fingerprints from the door with a T-shirt. He then put on gloves and used a tool to pry the door open before walking inside. Authorities feel sure that someone will recognize his image once posted on social media sites.

In another example police are trying to identify a man in the picture where Surveillance Cameras Captured An Image Of A Burglar. The homeowner returned from work to find his rear sliding glass door wide open. Several pieces of electronics including a computer, an iPod, iPhone, hard drives and cameras were all gone along with a credit card and a few Christmas presents. They had installed several surveillance cameras on the outside of their home. The hard drive surveillance footage showed a man pulling into their driveway in a Jeep. He tried to break in through the front door but couldn’t gain entry so he went around to the back and broke in through the sliding glass door.

In another case in Dallas, Texas, surveillance cameras caught burglars in the act of breaking into 150 storage units at a storage facility complex. The facility’s surveillance cameras show a man and a woman breaking into storage units and stealing property. Busted Again!

And last but not least is a story from a television station in Atlanta, Georgia where two burglars were knocking on doors in an apartment complex. If someone answered the door they would apologize and say they had the wrong address. Otherwise they would try to break in and ransack the property. In one case the apartment owner had a high definition surveillance app on her iPhone which caught the two burglars in the act. She immediately called police. The burglars were there for six minutes and 21 seconds and stole jewelry, cameras, computers and other valuable items.

Many burglars are on the lookout for surveillance/security cameras but would have absolutely no idea that their image is being recorded by this Xtreme life covert spy camera that looks just like an Electric Box. It is a fake junction box with the battery-operated extreme life pinhole DVR camera inside. The camera can operate eight hours continuously or 30 days on standby. It records on a motion activated basis so there is no dead time interviewing recordings. It uses no wires and is a completely waterproof system that can be mounted anywhere for long term outdoor use.

 Do you have surveillance/security cameras around your home or apartment? Please share your experience. We want to hear from you.

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