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A Better Way To Catch A Cheating Partner

We pointed out in our story about Hidden Spy Cameras “Infidelity is such a big problem in the United States and elsewhere that it keeps private investigators employed-many on a full-time basis. Getting a hidden camera and documenting infidelity issues is a lot cheaper than hiring a private investigator.”

In today’s article, we will explain why infidelity is such a big issue and tell you what some alternatives are to catching the act of infidelity.

According to the Fox News online magazine, Cheating Statistics are showing an alarming rate of increase year after year. Long-lasting marriages are becoming rare and are much more difficult to achieve than in years gone by.

Because of the very nature of marital cheating and infidelity, it is impossible to give exact figures on how many people are doing it. According to this website, only 17% of divorces are caused by infidelity yet 70% of married men admitted to cheating on their wives. Two-thirds of married women are not aware of their husband’s affair. And we thought, interestingly enough, that 50 to 60% of women admitted to having an affair.

Infidelity is much more common among people under 30. As of now, men are more likely to cheat than women but that may be changing as women become more financially independent. That financial independence leads to office romances which are becoming much more common.

Taking all of these factors into consideration and knowing that jealousy is such a universal emotion and the very core of human nature is it any wonder that private investigators are so overloaded with cases of infidelity. It has formed a major part of many a PI practice.

The practice of cheating on one’s domestic partner is not a new one but goes back to the dawn of time. The practice of hiring a private investigator is slowly but surely going the way of dinosaurs with the advent of sophisticated hidden cameras.

Many people felt like they needed to hire a private investigator because there was no alternative. But within the last several years, spy cameras have become much more sophisticated and much less expensive making it an affordable option for hiring an investigator.

Hidden cameras are pinhole cameras that are located inside common objects that people are used to seeing so they think nothing of them. These objects also have DVR’s to record all activity. Some even have audio capability.

One hidden camera looks like a real electrical wall outlet but is only a Fake Outlet and is an excellent example of what we are talking about. It is a nonfunctioning power outlet with Wi-Fi capability. It enables you to manage up to 32 cameras from a single IP address. You can view and record motion detection recording remotely. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 hours. The pinhole camera has a viewing angle of 75° more than enough to cover most ordinary rooms and a range of 300 feet. Video is time and date stamped. This represents a new generation of spy cameras.

The best part of this device is that you can manage it remotely from anywhere at any time.

So the next time you need to catch somebody doing something that they shouldn’t be doing, consider getting a spy camera to video them in the act.

Are you going to tell us this isn’t you? How did you catch a business or life partner cheating? Don’t be shy, reveal your secrets here!

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