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Rothco® Glass Breaker Tactical Pen & Hidden Handcuff Key


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Functioning pen with pressure point striking tip, glass breaker, and hidden handcuff key!

Item No: 5478 Brand: rothco
  • 6" fully functional & refillable pen with hidden tactical tip for self-defense strikes
  • Can cause temporary paralysis and/or extreme pain when delivered to nerve points and soft tissue
  • A hard well placed strike can break bones especially if the force of the blow is not hindered by clothing
  • Built-in tail end glass breaker tip for escaping in an auto emergency
  • Hidden handcuff key ensures you are never immobilized against your will
  • Made of aircraft aluminum for lightweight strength
  • Sturdy pocket clip for handsfree carrying

If you're ever under personal attack, you may need not only to protect yourself but also escape. This Rothco Tactical Pen is just what you need. It has a powerful striking tip that can cause extreme pain, paralysis and even break bones if stuck well. Also, if you unscrew the crown, you'll find a handcuff key hidden inside the pen; a commodity you may not otherwise carry on your person, making this a multifunctional pen. On top of that, it also has a glass breaker tip that can save your life if you ever find yourself trapped in a car. Made with a smooth finish of a durable aluminum alloy material that's also used to build aircrafts, Rothco tactical pens are both lightweight and of solid constitution. It's a real writing pen, so after its day job taking notes at work, it may double later as a life-saving self-defense device that can help bring criminals to justice. Plus, its pocket clip makes it easy to carry wherever you go so that you'll never have to be without self-protection.

  • Rothco® Glass Breaker Tactical Pen
  • Hidden Handcuff Key/li>