Aquamira WaterBasics RED Line Replacement Water Filter

Use with compatible WaterBasics kits or simply use included straw!

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Item No: 4843 Brand: aquamira
  • RED Line carbon block sleeve increases ability to remove harmful chemicals, bad taste & odor
  • 120-gallon filtration capacity
  • Ready to use with included mouthpiece & straw for drinking directly from water source
  • Replacement for WaterBasics™ 67257 Pump & Filter Kit, as well as 67260 & 67262 Storage & Filter kits (see Accessories
  • Electropositive charge differential pulls even the tiniest particles such as viruses
  • Protects you from protozoan & chemical contaminants responsible for the vast majority of waterborne illness
  • Removes protozoan cysts to ANSI/NSF Standard 52 & US EPA standards
  • Removes chlorine & harmful chemicals, bad tastes & odors to ANSI/NSF Standard 42 requirements
  • Proven effective in removing Cyanotoxins such as Microcystin and other biotoxins
  • High water flow rate
  • Use reusable pouch as water collection bag
  • Filter fits any WaterBasics™ water bottle cap, storage or filtration kits or pumps
  • Easily connects as well to most standard water storage containers

The WaterBasics™ RED Line Series II replacement filter by Aquamira® features nearly universal fittings to standard water storage containers as well as compatibility with any WaterBasics™ filtration kits with Series II connectivity. This high-quality filter replaces old filters for your pump and filter kits (see Accessories) and it even comes with a handy emergency straw so that if needed you can use it right out of the box. The filter meets ANSI/NSF Standards for removing chlorine, harmful chemicals, bad tastes & odors, as well as EPA standards for removal of protozoan cysts responsible for the majority of waterborne illness. It does all this without sacrificing efficiency of water flow, and has a 120-gallon filtration limit.

  • Emergency straw fittings
  • Reusable pouch
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