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About Weather Radios


Need to stay in the know about the weather in the event of major storms that knock out your power supply? A weather radio from The Home Security Superstore will have you feeling safe and secure.

For simple, easy access to information in an easy-to-carry package, check out the Crank LED Flashlight Radio w/ Alarm, a multi-purpose hand crank weather alert radio and flashlight that is an essential part of a home emergency kit in case of power failure. It is also the perfect companion during outdoor excursions. If NOAA weather radio updates are your preference, opt for the Winbest 3-in-1 AM/FM Radio LED Flashlight Power Bank. This powerful radio and light source is rechargeable via built-in solar panels, hand crank, or even a USB charger.

Don’t let a power outage or road trip rob you of your peace of mind. Choose a reliable emergency radio today.

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