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  • Secondary image - Kwik Force® Flashfire Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight 16M Kwik Force® Flashfire Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight 16M - Flashlight Stun Guns

    Kwik Force® Flashfire Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight 16M

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    Ultra bright LED flashlight with built-in 16M stun gun stops attackers!

About Our Security Flashlights

Having a reliable flashlight can give you the confidence to make a difference when things get dark. Whether that’s a security breach, a home invasion, being out on a dark street, or just working in dark spaces. Having a good flashlight is an essential piece of equipment to keep in close reach for many situations.

Did you think flashlights are just for power outages?

Think again! Yes, a flashlight can indeed be your beacon of light when a storm wipes out your electricity, but flashlights are good for so much more. Our inventory of flashlights can also keep you safe at home and on the go. Whether it’s working under the hood of your car, navigating the woods during a camping trip, or having a clever self-defense tool in hand – The Home Security Superstore has a flashlight model that will fit your needs. 

Let’s take a look at some of our most popular, and affordable, flashlights for the home and beyond. 

Choosing Flashlights for Home, Travel, and More

The full inventory of flashlights at The Home Security Superstore fits a range of needs. From home security to easy navigation, we have you covered. 

Home Security: When your alarm system motion detector or outdoor hidden camera sends an alert in the middle of the night, retrieving a fully charged flashlight from your nightstand makes it easier to investigate. Check out our rechargeable flashlights or pick up a security flashlight that meets your needs. We recommend keeping a flashlight on every floor of your home that you can access quickly. You can keep a mini-flashlight in a kitchen drawer or mount a flashlight in the hallway.

Camping Safety: Our large flashlight lanterns and durable flashlights make camping much safer. You can keep a light running all light or leave one next to your sleeping bag to safely navigate trips to the bathroom after the sun goes down. Our survival flashlights also keep you well-lit in the event of a long-term blackout at home, which can sometimes feel like a camping trip. 

Keychain Models: Some of our most popular flashlights are our keychain models. These tiny lights can be attached to your keys or belt, or stored in your car’s glove box. Use them to change your oil or look for a lost earring in the dark. It’s always a good idea to have a light source on hand, and many of our lights offer better lighting than the flashlight mode on your phone. 

Job Site Lighting: Our spotlights are a great addition to outdoor work sites. Want to keep making progress after the sun sets? You can finish what you’re working on with help from the powerful beam of a specialty-mounted flashlight or spotlight. Headlamps are a hands-free option good for working in any dimly lit environment, especially when you need to be on the move as you work.

Self-Defense: Flashlights are also a great part of your self-defense gear kit. On top of training and pepper spray, a flashlight stun gun will make you feel safe sleeping alone in your house or walking through a darkened parking lot. With your stun gun flashlight in one hand, you’ll also feel safer investigating the sound from your basement!

Car Safety: Use our flashlights to stay safe on the road. You can wear a flashing LED light to alert passing cars to your position while you change a tire in the dark and/or wave down help with a regular flashlight. Our pivoting, hands-free flashlights make doing repairs at home or on the side of the road much easier and safer. 

Home security and safety are about more than Wi-Fi listening devices and a robust alarm system – though we always recommend those, as well! Having your battery-operated torch on hand will keep your family from being left in the dark no matter the situation. We even have water-proof models in case you need to go outside in a storm. From serving as security devices to job-enhancing accessories, flashlights are a key piece of equipment for the home, car, and work. 

Our selection of flashlights comes in varying sizes, weights, and brightness levels for any situation. Keep a light in your car, in your pocket, on your nightstand, in your garage, and anywhere else you might need a light source. Don’t get caught in the dark without a way to shed light on your situation. Flashlights keep us safe. Find your perfect light! Have questions about any of our flashlight models including military and tactical flashlights.  We’re always here to help you select one of our great deals. Contact The Home Security Superstore today and let us help you find the flashlights that meet your needs.

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