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$50 OFF TASER BOLT 2 | Use Code: BOLT
Today’s offer: :: | $50 OFF TASER BOLT 2 | Use Code: BOLT
Today’s offer: : :
 $50 OFF TASER BOLT 2 Use Code: BOLT
Fire damage can ruin your valuables.
  • Secondary image - Hollon Black Hawk Fireproof Electronic Keypad 16 Gun Safe Hollon Black Hawk Fireproof Electronic Keypad 16 Gun Safe - Digital Electronic Safes

    Hollon Black Hawk Fireproof Electronic Keypad 16 Gun Safe


    Sold out

    Black Hawk 16 gun safe with adjustable shelfs is 90 min. fire resistant!

  • Secondary image - Hollon Black Hawk Fireproof Electronic Keypad 45 Gun Safe Hollon Black Hawk Fireproof Electronic Keypad 45 Gun Safe - Digital Electronic Safes

    Hollon Black Hawk Fireproof Electronic Keypad 45 Gun Safe


    Sold out

    Adjustable interior gun rack and door pocket organizer fits 45 guns safely!

About Fireproof Safes

Would your passport and birth certificate be safe in the event of a fire at home? Most of us take great care to create photo backups and keep our debit cards close at hand. But if you had to run out in a fire, would your other vital documents be safe? Even worse: If a fire happens while you’re at work or on vacation, would you lose everything? Answering these serious questions now can help you prepare for worst-case scenarios. You should also keep the same questions in mind regarding the most important files and currency kept in your office. A fireproof safe keeps the things you value most secure around the clock whether you’re around or not.

A safe with a fire rating means that it will maintain an inside temperature that does not exceed a certain level for a particular amount of time.  All of our fireproof safes are rated to be fireproof for either 1 hour or 2 hours. Adding fire protection to a safe increases the cost slightly and a fire safe is approximately double the weight of a regular safe. However, if your home or office burns down destroying everything you own, yet everything inside your fire safe is unharmed, it is well worth the investment!

Fireproof safes protect your guns and monetary valuables like other safes, but are especially critical for storing the valuables and sentimental items you couldn’t possibly replace once they’ve encountered fire damage.

Protecting What Matters with Fireproof Features and Beyond

An at home fireproof safe gives you hours of protection in the event of a fire, flood, or other event that damages your property. These safes are also a great addition to the workplace. Even if you have overhead sprinklers in your office, the addition of a fireproof safe provides extra peace of mind. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make fireproof safes for the home and office such a popular way to secure important documents, jewelry, and more.

Auto-locking: You’ll never have to wonder if you remembered to lock your safe again. An auto-lock model will lock itself shut each time you close the door, so you’re always secure from fire and theft around the clock. As long as the door is shut all the way, your mind can be at ease.

Humidity and Waterproof Protection: Fireproof safes don’t just protect valuables against fire. Many fireproof safes also ward off potential damage from flood water or high humidity. Your papers won’t warm or get moldy with this added protection. 

Interior Lockable Drawers: Maybe you want to give someone the key to your safe but you don’t need them to have access to everything inside. Consider getting a fireproof safe with an interior locking drawer. You can give your kids access to their passports while still keeping necklaces or a checkbook locked away separately. 

Smoke Damage Protection: Fire doesn’t just cause harm via flames – smoke can also do a whole lot of damage. With smoke damage protection, noxious smoke can’t seep into the safe and wrinkle the pages of a birth certificate or other important paper. 

Dual Locks: When one lock is not enough, you can always go for double coverage. Choose one of our fireproof office safes with both a combination lock and manual key lock. If your key gets lost, you can rest assured that your safe is still secure because the combination dial remains an obstacle for a thief. 

Locking Bar: Fireproof safes with a locking bar are virtually tamper-proof. Steel locking bars create an indestructible connection between the door and the body of the safe. No crowbar or other tool will be able to force your safe’s door open. 

Do you have a plan for protecting your documents against flame or flood? Securing important documents and flash drives at home and in the office is an important part of any security plan. Many of our fireproof safes can also be bolted down so they can’t be stolen. 

Not sure where to get started? The Home Security Superstore is here to help. Begin your journey to finding the right safe by checking out our fireproof combination dial lock home safe and fireproof electronic keypad 45 gun safe. If you still have questions, reach out today to find out more about how to keep documents and jewelry out of harm’s way.    

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